Heat exchangers for fireplaces

Plate Heat Exchangers for fireplaces with a water jacket

Below are a few models that we successfully sell for this very application - that is, connecting an open-circuit fireplace to our sealed circuit installation. Of course, instead of a fireplace, they can also be free-standing wood/coal burners if they have a water jacket.
The generall idea is to choose a heat exchanger with heat transfer area level of 0.30m2 (plate surface) per 10kW of a fireplace/water jacket.

As the fireplace is a fairly inert heat source - we suggest not reducing this conversion rate, also if the fireplace is oversized in relation to the heated area of the house or apartment (as opposed to easily controllable gas boilers).

When choosing, you need to take into account the size of the connections, which should be discussed before purchasing - with the plumber who is to make the fireplace connection.

Contact avec Nordic Tec support techniqueIf you still have difficulties with sizing a heat exchanger - feel free to write to us

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