Limescale water ihibitor Nordic Tec IPSE 1"
Water Descaler for House IPSE 3/4" Ion polarisation
Scale Inhibitor Water Softener Descaler 1"
Limescale water ihibitor Nordic Tec IPSE 1"
Water Descaler for House IPSE 3/4" Ion polarisation
Scale Inhibitor Water Softener Descaler 1"

Scale Inhibitor Water Softener / Descaler IPSE 1"

Whole house water softener / Water Descaler for house application Nordic Tec IPSE 1"

  • Whole house water softener based on galvanic and silver electrodes
  • Water descaler used to prevent scale formation in the installation, protection of hydraulic devices or devices in contact with hard water, such as heat exchangers, heating boilers, heat pumps, storage tanks, and central heating installations as a whole

More information on the principle of operation and application of the product can be found below.

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Technical information about the water softener and the principle of operation of the device

  • Connection diameter of the water softener tube: 1" internal thread, DN25
  • Maximum flow: up to 4 m3/h
  • Tube material: Stainless steel
  • The softener can be used with different types of materials: copper, CPVC, PVC, PEXResistance - i.e. maximum pressure losses generated by the water conditioner
    between: 40 Pa - 670 Pa, i.e. the influence on the water pressure is insignificant
  • Water temperature allowed for operation: from 0°C to 85°C
  • Optimal temperature for maximum efficiency at the inlet to the device: +2°C to 60°C

Product name disambiguation - water softener, scale inhibitor, hard water descaler, hard water filter

The device is not a typical water softener, because it does not subtract the content of salts and minerals that determine its hardness. Only the structure of these minerals changes, turning them into aragonite - affecting their inability to form deposits. However the IPSE technology is considered some kind of water softening too.

It is also not a hard water descaler in the typical sense (most often this word is used for chemical preparations aimed at dissolving existing scale deposits). It is sometimes called a descaler, but this is not a completely accurate term. When installing the device in old, calcified systems, the effect may be small or imperceptible. By installing them in new systems, it will actually have a large impact on the functioning of the system, which, however, requires many months of observation - as well as noticing the first bad effects of scale deposition, potentially.

Effectiveness: up to 86%

Service life: about 10 years

Where to use the IPSE water conditioner

  • Our IPSE water conditioner should be used in single-family houses or apartments, especially in regions with a high degree of water hardness
  • to protect household appliances against the effects of limescale deposits - to be used at the entrance to the system after pre-filters
  • against specific devices that are not very resistant to scale deposits in order to protect them - e.g. washing machines, coffee machines, dishwashers, bathroom fittings
  • beforef heating devices such as heating boilers (e.g. condensing gas boilers), heat pumps, heat exchangers, storage tanks, domestic hot water buffers
  • for other devices sensitive to scale deposits, in particular against steel devices - e.g. UV water filters or reverse osmosis filters

Ion polarisation in water descaler by Nordic Tec

How it works - Ion Polarization System - IPSE - step by step for laymen

How the IPSE Technology works:

  • Inside the steel pipe, an electrode filament is mounted, which causes a turbulent water flow.
  • After contact with water, a kind of galvanic cell with a voltage of <6V is formed, which affects the structure of minerals contained in water (which determine its hardness and settle on the surface of installations or devices in the form of deposits). It is mainly calcium and magnesium compounds
  • The mineral salts responsible for the formation of deposits (so-called scale) take the form of soft non-settling particles called aragonite, which are able to be removed together with water.
  • Due to the presence of a galvanic fiber and a silver-coated fiber, inaccessible to bacterial flora, the device additionally helps in the fight against E-Coli bacteria and the like, which can be a supplement to, for example, ultraviolet water sterilizers. Efficiency in the fight against E-Cola is estimated at 40%, but this should be considered only as a side effect, it is not the main effect of the product.
  • By reducing the deposition of scale deposits over time, it has a positive effect on the operating costs of devices such as hot water tanks and storage tanks, as the scale significantly reduces their efficiency

Softerner installation recommendations / description of use:

  • before - it is recommended to use mechanical filters (unless such a role is fulfilled by a filter at the entrance to the house)
  • maintenance-free device, uses physical and chemical laws - does not consume energy, works independently 24/7,
  • the device does not require supervision
  • the device will also work in sealed systems, although due to the greater risk of scale formation - combating its effects may be even more important in open systems

Schema of mounting the device on the building entrance

Schema of installation - WATER SOFTENER IPSE Nordic Tec 3/4"

1. Water flow meter

2. Shut-off valves

3. Pre-filtration system

4. Nordic Tec IPSE 1"

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