PHE Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers by Nordic Tec

Nordic Tec Series of Heat Exchangers

The company offers devices in many variants, our offer includes more than 100 models of heat exchangers. They differ according to different parameters, such as the surface of the plate, the number of plates, connections, pressure resistance, volume or flow.
Most of our models can also be ordered with accessories, which distinguishes our offer and saves time.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the following series of heat exchangers:

  • Ba-12 - The smallest series with a 191x73mm size plate, mainly with a 3/4" connection
  • Ba-16 - The series with a 220x90mm plate, with connections always in size 1 "
  • Ba-23 - One of the most popular series, with a plate size of 315x73mm and a connection of 3/4 "
  • Ba-32 - The most popular, key series, the most recognizable one. Plate size 286x116mm and connection 1 "
  • Ba-27 - The series which is a copy of the previous one, with a twin plate, but with a 1/4 "connection
  • Ba-60 - The larger series of exchangers, used in larger installations and in industrial use. Plate size - 526x124mm and connections in sizes 1 1/4 "or 1 1/2".
  • Ba-95 - The industrial series in size 616x191mm, with connections 2"
  • Ba-115 - Like the above, the series is a large row of size, for use in very large facilities. The size of the plate is 535x253mm, with 2".



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