Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm
Odpływ liniowy AZTEK 60cm

UV Water Steriliser NT UV30W-PH - 30W 8GPM

UV Light Steriliser UV30W-PH - 30W 8GPM by Nordic Tec - Full set for water treatment / against E-Coli bacteria

Bulb - PHILIPS TUV 30W G30 T8 (<8-10 000h lifetime)

Steel chamber dimensions: 975mm x ⌀64mm with 840mm of distance between the water connections

Connections: 3/4" / Distance between the

Flowrate for UV Dose 400 J/m² (potable water) - 20.8 l/min

Working Voltage - 220-240V / 50-60Hz (EU plug)
(We don't offer other voltages)

Recommanded water temperature range - from +2 to +45°C

Reference: NT UV 30W-PH
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How does UV light sterilize water?

UV is worldwide treatment technique for water. It is recognised as very effective disinfectant, having very strong potential. UV rays disinfect water, removing bacteria, viruses and protozians - f.e. Giardia lambia cyst and others.

More about the Nordic Tec UV Water Steriliser 30W 8GPM

The main part of this UV steriliser is a chamber, made of high quality stainless steel. This is the material much more expensive than plastic, but thanks to this we can epext our UV lamp to work for many years. Inside the chamber we can find the UV light itself, the electric parts - with a UV filement by PHILIPS.
The UV steriliser 30W (model NT UV30W-PH) is destinated and sized in most cases to classic houses or flats, for the classic family having 2-4 people, with 1 one kitchen and one bath.

  • The bulb used in this steriliser is: TUV 30W G30 T8 by PHILIPS, expected to achieve 8-10 000h lifetime (which means cca 1 year of constant work).
    This is the bulb with very standard dimensions, easy to buy in every EU country, and easy to replace with bulbs by other brand
    The bulbs are produced in Europe (made in Poland or Hungary)
  • The connections are 3/4" BSP, which means the UV steriliser can be used in typical houses of above mentionned dimensions.
  • The UV lamp is prepared for 220-240V (50-60Hz), which is compatible with most of European country.
  • The plug we offer is one of the most popular European type (can work without problems in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia). We don't offer the modifications. Using our sterilisers in another countries like the UK or Italy demands the adapter
  • The best efficacy of UV water sterilisation we can get when the water temperature is between 2 and 45 Celsius degrees
  • The water to be efficienty disinfected should be transparent or pure (it's recommanded to install the mechanical filters before the UV light).

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