PHE Ba-27 - plate sizeHeat Exchangers Ba-27: the equivalent for Ba-32 but with 1 1/4"

Nordic Tec PHE from the Ba-27 series have a size of 286x116mm plate (i.e. 0.027 m² of heat exchange surface for each plate). It is a series with identical plate frames as for Ba-32, but with 5/4" connections, which is their main characteristic feature. This creates additional advantages for some applications, e.g. for combining heat pumps with central heating or domestic hot water installations. The main advantage is potentially the smaller expected pressure drop than in case of 1-inch equivalent.

The exchanger is intended for liquid/liquid applications, also for use with glycol, so it is not a problem for use it for HP or solar applications as well.

Permissible working pressure - 30 bar, tested from 45 to 60 bar.


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