Heat Exchangers for electric & electrode boilers

How to choose a plate heat exchanger for connecting an electric or electrode boiler to a central heating system

If there is a need to separate the electric or electrode boiler system from the installation, the selection of the heat exchanger for such devices should be based mainly on the conversion of the heat transfer  area of the PHE plates to the heated area, i.e. the area of the building. Our basic recommendation is a minimum of 0.30m² of HE plate area per 100m² of building for old or older installations, and a minimum of 0.25m² of boards per 100m² of building area for relatively new installations. These heat sources are perfectly controllable, so you should not be afraid of overheating the system in the absence of appropriate oversizing - while undersizing the heat exchanger may affect the overestimated power consumption of our boiler.

Under no circumstances should you be guided by the power of electric boilers given in kW, because these are the power of electric heaters and will not be compatible with the nominal power of PHE in the central heating system. However, it is worth remembering about additional factors that must be taken into account, such as the size of connections and possibly additional specificity of the building, e.g. lack of insulation or other types of additional heat losses.

In the case of electrode boilers, it should be remembered that the decision to use a PHE eliminates the possibility of water treatment with salt addition. The use of salt may cause unsealing of the steel plates, i.e. damage to the heat exchanger, which will not be covered by the warranty.

Below we have compiled some popular models that we often sell for electric boilers, although it should be remembered that our other exchangers are also suitable for this, provided that they are properly selected.

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