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The category contains hydraulic distributors of central heating, completed, containing cutt-off valves with temperature measurement (plug-in thermometers), ventilation and drain valves, flowmeters and frames. A complete set, optionally you can buy it with PEX connectors.

The presence of rotameters means that the most common use is underfloor heating, but in practice they can also be used with radiators.

We offer classic variants when it comes to the number of circuits - that is, 2 to 12 circuits.
Our manifolds are made of brass MS58, chromed.

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Central Heating Manifold for Radiators and Underfloor Heating

The manifold allows for the even distribution of heat throughout the room, contributing to comfortable and efficient heating. Additionally, the flow meters enable control over the amount of flowing water, facilitating temperature regulation in specific areas. This gives residents or users of a public building the ability to individually adjust the temperature in different rooms. This system is not only energy-efficient but also aesthetically pleasing, as it does not require the installation of additional pipes or radiators. Central heating manifold for radiators and underfloor heating is an ideal solution for those looking for a comprehensive heating system.

How Many Circuits Can Our Central Heating Manifold Power?

We offer classic variants concerning the number of circuits - that is, from 2 to 12 circuits (the number of circuits corresponds to the number of rooms in the building where different temperatures are desired). Our central heating manifolds are designed to supply the appropriate number of circuits, according to the needs of our customers. Whether you need only a few circuits for heating a single-family home or a larger number for a large facility, our central heating manifold will meet your requirements. We guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products. Trust us and choose the Nordic-Tec central heating manifold.

Materials Used in Our Central Heating Manifolds

Nordic-Tec central heating manifolds are made of Ms58 brass, which is characterized by excellent machinability. This characteristic makes it easier to produce parts with the highest precision (dimensional and shape) compared to materials with low machinability. Ms58 brass is an ideal material for cold processing and has good machinability. In addition, our central heating manifolds are coated with a chrome layer, which provides additional protection against corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan of the devices.

Thanks to the properties of brass and the chrome coating, our central heating manifolds are durable, corrosion-resistant, and characterized by high precision. The reliability of central heating manifolds is crucial for ensuring the optimal operation of the heating system. Therefore, we use only the best materials and technologies to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

Manifold with Coupling - Also in Our Offer

In addition to standard central heating manifolds, we also offer a hydraulic distributor 2+2 with a coupling function. More details can be found in the descriptions of individual products.

Underfloor Heating Manifold | Nordic Tec

Nordic Tec is a brand that offers high-quality underfloor heating manifolds - which can cooperate with radiators as well. The products from our brand - are not only durable but also competitively priced, making them an ideal solution for many Customers and for your UFH. The Nordic Tec underfloor heating manifolds and central heating manifolds are fully equipped - and ready for quick installation. They feature drain valves, air vents, flow meters, thermometers, and shut-off valves on each bar . Depending on the size (we offer UFH manifolds in different circuit number variants) -  they can be used for heating smaller areas or providing central heating for entire buildings. Every Nordic Tec central heating manifold available at < Nordictec-store.com > has been thoroughly tested for quality and performance by technical specialists. All of these factors make Nordic Tec underfloor heating manifolds a worthwhile solution to consider. With them, you can enjoy comfortable and reliable underfloor or radiator heating for many years.

Manifold for underfloor heating at Nordictec-store.com

Nordictec-store.com is an online store offering a wide range of manifolds for underfloor heating ( UFH Manifolds) with flow meters, as well as manifolds for central heating with flow meters and thermometers - directly fromthe official producer's shop - with the best prices. Our product selection includes models in various sizes -  ranging from the smallest manifolds for 2 heating circuits to the largest ones for 12 cicuits. These central heating manifolds by Nordic Tec enable effective and controlled distribution of heat. By using them.. you can individually adjust the distribution of the heating medium to different sections - and gain control over the temperature in each room of your building.

On our website you will find UFH manifolds for underfloor heating as well as those for central heating, allowing you to choose the right model that suits your building or your heating system needs. Our heating manifolds stand out for their excellent craftsmanship and durability, ensuring a long lifespan and reliability. We invite you - to explore our products cataloge - and select the best manifold for your underfloor heating and central heating needs.

How does a manifold for underfloor heating and radiators work?

A manifold for underfloor heating and radiators is used to distribute heat in rooms in a controlled manner . Its main function is to divide the water from the boiler into several independent circuits for underfloor heating and / or radiators . This process is made possible by the use of thermostatic valves, which allow for regulating the flow of water in each circuit. By partially or fully closing the heating manifold valves, it is possible to have full control over the temperature in the rooms. Furthermore - considering that Nordic Tec underfloor heating manifolds have been equipped with one of the most versatile thread sizes - 3/4" - there is no obstacle to replacing the valves with actuators, thereby automating the temperature regulation in the rooms.

The manifolds for underfloor heating and central heating available at " NordicTec-store.com " operate reliably and can be powered by any heat source, such as a gas boiler, wood boiler, fireplace or heat pump. It can be said that a underfloor heating manifold is one of the key components of modern heating systems, providing convenience and comfort in room usage.

Types of central heating manifolds

The range of central heating manifolds by Nordic Tec available includes:

  • Underfloor heating manifolds - Underfloor heating ( briefly UFH) - is gaining popularity in the European market, practically in every single country . We have prepared a unique offer of high-quality manifolds for underfloor heating, allowing for individual control of heating in each room of the house. With thermostatic valves ( which can also be replaced with automatic actuators ), you can easily increase or decrease the temperature in each room, achieving thermal comfort.
  • Radiator heating manifolds - Although central heating manifolds are primarily designed for radiant heating, there are no technical limitations for their use in traditional radiator heating systems. Considering that all Nordic Tec central heating manifolds have undergone tests under pressure conditions up to 10 bars - their use in radiator heating is completely safe.

The underfloor heating manifolds available at Nordictec-store.com can also be categorized based on the number of circuits they can accommodate. We offer manifolds for central heating and underfloor heating with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and even 12 heating loops.

The advantages of underfloor heating and central heating manifolds

Underfloor heating and central heating manifolds are gaining increasing popularity due to their numerous advantage s. 1-ly, the division of the heating system into multiple independent circuits allows for precise temperature control in different rooms, resulting in lower heating costs. 2-ly, with underfloor heating manifolds, it is possible to avoid heat energy losses and ensure even heat distribution throughout the building .
Additionally - separating the systems enables adjusting the energy supply to the specific needs of individual rooms - contributing to energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions . Underfloor heating and CO manifolds are also easy to install and maintain, leading to additional cost savings for users. Overall , central heating manifolds should be considered by anyone who wants to enjoy an energy-efficient , environmentally friendly , and comfortable heating system.

How to properly choose a manifold for underfloor heating or central heating?

When selecting a manifold for underfloor heating or central heating, it's worth paying attention to the material from which the device is made. In <Nordic Tec Europe> we offer chrome-plated brass manifolds, which guarantee high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. By choosing our heating manifolds, you can be sure that they will serve you reliably for many years. Another parameter to consider is the number of supply and return circuits. It should be determined based on the number of rooms the device will serve in the building. The accessories included with the central heating manifold or those that can be added later are also important. One of the most important accessories is the air vent and drain valve, significantly reducing the risk of device damage.

Operation of central heating manifolds

The proper operation of central heating manifold is crucial for the correct functioning of heating systems . Although failures of such devices are extremely rare, it is important to use them appropriately. 
Iit is necessary so - to regularly check the condition and cleanliness of the manifolds and schedule periodic inspections by qualified specialists. During operation, it is important to avoid using excessively high hot water temperatures - to prevent damage to seals and connections.  Under no circumstances should the maximum temperature or operating pressure be exceeded.  Through proper operation of the central heating manifolds - the heating system will function reliably and maintain its efficiency for a longer period of time -  actually for many years.
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