Galvanic water softener - IPSE hard water filter

Galvanic water softener - Nordic Tec IPSE water treatment device

The galvanic water softener is a highly innovative flow-through device - used as a conditioner for hard water or hard water filter. Developed using the innovative IPSE technology (known as the Ion Polarization System). It is not a conventional central water softener, although the term is quite accurate considering the effects of Nordic Tec conditioners, which we will describe below.

How does the water softener by Nordic Tec work?

The operation of the galvanic flow-through water softener by Nordic Tec involves generating a low electrical voltage, below 6V, across the cell. As a result - the structure of magnesium and calcium present in hard water is altered, depriving these elements of their ability to precipitate, i.e., to form scale. This process doesn't entirely change the physicochemical composition of water but weakens its ability to form mineral deposits. The remaining magnesium and calcium compounds in the water form aragonite, which dissolves in the water and is subsequently flushed out with it.

Where do we install the galvanic central water softener?

The galvanic central water softener is installed preventively at the entry point of water into the house, preferably after preliminary filters. In the descriptions of our water softeners -> you will find diagrams showing how to connect the device to the network. Currently Nordic Tec offers the product in two sizes - with a 3/4" or 1" connection:

  • Nordic Tec IPSE 3/4" water softener / hard water filter
  • Nordic Tec IPSE 1" water softener / hard water filter


Ionic Polarization - Nordic Tec IPSE Water Softening Technology

Water descalers - or more precisely, water conditioners based on ionic polarization - are definitely a different system compared to traditional water softeners, with which they share a somewhat imprecise name. The device's body consists of a steel pipe with an electrode fiber inside. As a result, the flow of water through the galvanic water softener is disturbed. This - in turn, creates a galvanic cell, which generates a low electrical voltage of up to 6 V (this is a natural process; the water softener is not an electrical device and does not require connection to an electrical network). It work without any service from our side, using our water descaler is completely passive.

Softening Hard Water with IPSE Technology | Water softener system for home

The electrical voltage interacts with the structure of minerals in water, specifically those that form scale and similar deposits. The high content of magnesium and calcium is mainly responsible for the formation of scale, known as water hardness. In this process - these minerals take on the form of aragonite, which is unable to form scale deposits (-> easy to flush out with water). Therefore the Nordic Tec galvanic water softener system does not completely alter the composition of hard water. This is where the imprecision of the name for this type of water conditioner lies. The composition of hard water remains similar - but it loses the ability to form scale deposits, making it more suitable for our heating and hot water systems. Thanks to this type of hard water softening - we just protect our water systems and the money we invested in it.

Flow-through water descaler - bactericidal action

The galvanic fiber present in the flow-through water descaler IPSE (although even this name isn't entirely precise) is coated with a thin layer of silver. This creates an environment that is inhospitable to bacteria, which can have additional positive implications if we use water from our own source. Therefore - it serves as an excellent complement to bactericidal UV lamps for water if we use them in our home. The bactericidal action of such conditioners is estimated to be up to 40% (meaning - that much fewer E. coli bacteria are able to pass into further parts of our system).
However this should be considered as an additional effect because the primary goal is water softening, descaling - or more precisely, creating conditions in which mineral salts do not deposit as scale.

Where is the water filter for hard water - the softener used?

Galvanic flow-through water softeners or water filters for hard water - are widely used in various industries and locations, including private buildings such as homes and apartments, as well as public establishments like hotels, restaurants, and swimming pools. They are also utilized in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In homes and apartments they are used to improve the taste of water and protect household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, and heating system components - like for example heat exchangers.
In the food industry they are employed to soften water used in food production. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, they help maintain water cleanliness and ensure lower equipment failure rates. Hotels and swimming pools utilize galvanic flow-through water filters for hard water to provide clean and soft water for their customers, both for consumption and to enhance bathing comfort (hard water negatively affects skin and hair).

Learn more about our residential and industrial water softeners

For more information about the construction and operation principles of our galvanic flow-through water softeners and IPSE technology, you can visit our website, including the product pages. Also - check out our blog articles where we provide detailed descriptions of the central water softeners available in our online store.

Choose a central water softener from our range | Nordic Tec

In our online store - NORDIC TEC  you'll find top-quality products that will meet all your expectations. We offer modern technological solutions that will allow you to enjoy soft water both in industrial and private applications. Check out our range and choose a central water softener from the Nordic Tec brand.

Water conditioner IPSE - water descaler by NORDIC TEC

The precise name for this innovative product doesn't exist, and it is often referred to differently - for example, as a water descaler, water softener, water conditioner, or hard water filter. Each of these names reflects its functions - but it is also associated with similar devices, which sometimes have a similar purpose. However, IPSE technology is entirely innovative and certainly offers several advantages. Firstly, it is a maintenance-free device that doesn't require electricity. It operates continuously and doesn't need servicing. In terms of its primary purpose - water softening and descaling systems - it demonstrates excellent effectiveness. It's best to install it at the entry point of water into the house.

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