PHE Accesories

Equipment for heat exchangers (HE)Ball Valves with temperature control

In this category, we offer accessories and equipment for heat exchangers - dedicated by the manufacturer.

Here you can find thermal insulation in polyurethane or polypropylene - and wall mounting consoles.

The products are particularly suitable for our devices, by Nordic Tec, but with the correct selection - they are also suitable for heat exchangers from other manufacturers or brands. Especially wall-mounting kits, which are universal.

We also offer valves with the possibility of measuring the temperature - in size 1", DN25, BSP. An excellent accessory to control the operation of the exchanger and isolate it from the installation in the event of maintenance need. All potential problems with the heat exchanger - also after many years of use - are revealed by a decrease in temperature and greater heat loss compared to the temperature of the power supply.

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