Plate Heat Exchanger Accesories

Equipment for heat exchangers (HE)Ball Valves with temperature control

In this category, we offer accessories and equipment for heat exchangers - dedicated by the manufacturer.

Here you can find thermal insulation in polyurethane or polypropylene - and wall mounting consoles.

The products are particularly suitable for our devices, by Nordic Tec, but with the correct selection - they are also suitable for heat exchangers from other manufacturers or brands. Especially wall-mounting kits, which are universal.

We also offer valves with the possibility of measuring the temperature - in size 1", DN25, BSP. An excellent accessory to control the operation of the exchanger and isolate it from the installation in the event of maintenance need. All potential problems with the heat exchanger - also after many years of use - are revealed by a decrease in temperature and greater heat loss compared to the temperature of the power supply.

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Plate Heat Exchanger accessories

Accessories for heat exchangers are components, some times very important components, that ensure efficient and effective operation of this device. Among the available PHE accessories, thermal insulation, mounting brackets, and shut-off valves with thermometers can be mentioned. Thermal insulations prevent heat loss from the heat exchanger, leading to a reduction in heating costs. Shut-off valves for heat exchangers allow for the disassembly of the device in case of failure or service work, while thermometers enable users to monitor the proper operation of our plate heat exchanger. Mounting brackets or wall-mounting kits for a heat exchanger, on the other hand, solve the problem of heat exchanger installation. They make it easy to stabilize the device, ensuring its safety during operation. By selecting the appropriate accessories for heat exchangers, it is possible to improve the device's efficiency, resulting in its longer lifespan and lower operating costs - while also saving time.

Heat Exchanger accessories in

The "Nordic Tec Europe" offer includes not only high-quality heat exchangers but also accessories for plate heat exchangers that improve installation and operation of the heating devices. We provide mounting kits with screws that are suitable for use with various types of PHE, including products from brands other than Nordic Tec. The assortment at also includes insulation for plate heat exchangers made from top-quality EPP materials, ensuring effective insulation to prevent heat loss efficiently. Additionally, we offer ball valves with built-in thermometers. By installing them in your heating system, you can precisely monitor the performance parameters of the device, ensuring the optimal efficiency of the entire central heating system. Our accessories for heat exchangers are easy to install and perform their functions excellently. All our products are made from the highest quality materials and are resistant to high temperatures and pressures. We encourage you to explore the range of accessories for heat exchangers available at in our shop -

Installation and operation of a heat exchanger - essential accessories

The installation and operation of a heat exchanger require the use of accessories that ensure proper functioning of the device. One such element is shut-off valves with thermometers, which allow for controlling the parameters of the media flowing through the plate heat exchanger. Temperature control at the inlet and outlet of the device gives users the opportunity to react promptly to any issues, such as accumulated boiler scale or restricted exchanger's flow capacity. Without their application, periodic cleaning of a heat exchanger would also be more challenging. Additionally, one would observe more energy-intensive boiler operation while maintaining unchanged output parameters of the heating system. In the case of heat exchangers, especially those located in colder environments, thermal insulation for plate heat exchangers is also necessary. It protects against the dissipation of thermal energy into the surroundings, thereby increasing the efficiency of heat exchange between working fluids. Therefore, proper selection and use of accessories for heat exchangers are crucial steps in their installation and operation process.

What should be remembered during the installation of a plate heat exchanger / PHE ?

The installation of a plate heat exchanger is a process that significantly impacts its performance quality and, consequently, the effectiveness of delivering heat to end receivers such as radiators or underfloor heating (UFH). The heat exchanger, along with the water flowing through it, can be heavy and should not be solely suspended on the water pipes. The flow of fluids through the device, enhanced by the operation of circulation pumps, can also cause turbulence, which may lead to leakages in the connections over time. Therefore, it is worth considering the use of wall mounting brackets that can securely hold the plate heat exchanger in the proper position.

Before a heat exchanger installation, it is important to thoroughly check whether the supplied components are properly packaged and undamaged. At, we offer mounting kits for heat exchangers equipped with all the necessary elements, including screws, which significantly saves time for the installer or plumber. The only thing you need to have when selecting our mounting brackets for heat exchangers is the appropriate screws or fasteners to directly attach them to the wall - they should be chosen depending on the surface to which you want to mount the exchanger and its weight.

We offer the PHE wall-mounting systems in 3 variants - so 3/4" - 1" and 5/4", dependently on the heat exchanger's thread dimension.

Insulation box of a heat exchanger - what should we know?

Not especially needed in a cooling application - but actually insulation of a heat exchanger is essential to ensure its proper efficiency in heating. Its purpose is to limit the heat flow between the heat exchanger and the surroundings, so to reduce the heat losses. Thermal insulation box helps minimize heat loss in the whole heat transfer process. Without insulation, the heat exchanger would emit a portion of heat to the surroundings, and the temperature of the fluid inside the channels would decrease, affecting the efficiency of the heat exchange process. Therefore, plate heat exchanger thermal insulation is necessary to ensure the proper efficiency of a heat exchanger and reduce energy consumption costs.

When choosing insulation for a heat exchanger, it is important to consider several factors. First, it should be made of materials with a low thermal conductivity coefficient. Currently, the most efficient material used for this purpose is polyethylene foam, also known very well as EPP foam. The appropriate insulation material should be resistant to high temperatures, which can be achievable for an exchanger and provide insulation durability, which means that regular polystyrene foam is not suitable for this role. It should keep the isolating parameters for many years. Additionally, attention should be paid to the thickness of the heat exchanger insulation - the thicker it is, the more effective it becomes. At, we offer some of the thickest thermal insulations available on the market.
Thirdly, it is important to consider the dimensions of the insulation. The heat exchanger insulations available in our store are tailored to fit Nordic Tec heating devices offered in our product range.

Temperature control of a heat exchanger

In the product range, you will also find high-quality ball valves with integrated thermometers. What is the purpose of this accessory for heat exchangers? Well, it serves two incredibly important functions. Firstly, by installing shut-off valves at the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger, you can disconnect the device from the installation at any time. This procedure may be necessary, for example, in case of heat exchanger failure or for service and maintenance work. Secondly, the thermometers installed at the inlet and outlet of a HE allow you to monitor the temperature of the fluid entering and leaving the heat exchanger. Following this information, you can control the performance of the heat exchanger and quickly detect any abnormalities, drops, such as scaling due to boiler deposits, reduced HE channel capacity, or malfunctioning circulation pumps innyour heating system. By installing shut-off valves with thermometers directly before plate heat exchangers, you can continuously verify the operation of the system and promptly respond to any undesired occurrences.

Compatibility of our accessories with heat exchangers from other manufacturers

At, as we are an official Nordic Tec distributor - we specifically offer accessories for heat exchangers that are compatible with Nordic Tec products and tailored first for Nordic Tec PHE. With careful selection, some of these PHE accessories can also be used with heat exchangers from other manufacturers.

This applies for sure to the heat exchanger mounting brackets, which are known for their universality. You can use it practically with every single heat exchanger on the market, untill it has 3/4", 1" or 5/4" threads (as we offer the mounting kits only in such variants). The same situation occurs in case of ball-valves 1" with a temperature measurement.

However in case of thermal insulation boxes we should be cautious. Every producer of Plate Heat Exchanger has his own designing and dimensioning and if you have an other brand of a heat exchanger - remember to size the insulation box carefully or just contact the producer of your original PHE.

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