Shut-off ball valves with thermometers

Shut-off valve with temperature measurement for heat exchangers

Valves with thermometers for Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers

Before installing plate heat exchangers (as well as other types), it is recommended to install shut-off valves. This serves to enable the heat exchanger to be cut off from the installation at any time over many years, as the exchanger itself often functions in the heating system for up to 10-15 years. Thanks to the installation of valves at the inlet and outlet, we obtain the possibility of unscrewing the device from the heating system without getting rid of the water (which would be time-consuming and inadvisable, especially in the so-called closed / sealed systems).
Many people assume that by selecting a heat exchanger with appropriate oversizing, the need for service may basically not exist, and therefore shut-off valves may turn out to be unnecessary. This is wrong thinking, not taking into account the cleaning of the exchanger (which should be done regularly, e.g. before the new season), as well as a potential factory defect of the device or a potential leak.

How can I know that a heat exchanger needs service or is not working properly?
For this, the input and output temperatures are measured

The simplest, cheapest and most effective solution is the constant measurement of the temperatures at the exchanger's outlet and inlet, both from the boiler (or other heat source) side and from the installation side. That's why a thermometer is attached to the valve to give us constant control of the heat transfer efficiency. Any problem with the heat exchanger that may occur over time, such as clogging of the channels, capacity limitation, limescale inside the device, or, for example, the problem of poorly adjusted flows on the pumps - all this will sooner or later manifest itself in temperature changes on the thermometers. Thanks to this, we are able to react in time or observe the need to clean the heat exchanger or replace it within a certain period of time.


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