Heat Exchangers for other heating boilers

How to choose a plate heat exchanger for a central heating boiler - solid fuel, coal, pellet or wood

Selection of heat exchangers for connecting such a device to the central heating system is quite similar due to the fact that, despite the differences in fuel, these boilers operate classically in a similar standard, i.e. 50-60°C. The heat exchanger should be selected so that for 10kW of the heating boiler power there is at least 0.25-0.30 m² of the heat exchange surface of the heat exchanger. Whereas - 0.25m²/10kW should be used only in new, new buildings systems, and in other systems - 0.30m²/10kW of the heating device. This is a value that ensures effective heat exchange over many seasons, taking into account the natural aging processes of heat exchangers in installations (i.e. a linear decrease in efficiency).

It should be remembered that the HE sizing should not be guided by the comparison of the nominal power of exchangers with the nominal power of heating boilers - because they are not compatible, mainly due to the temperature difference adopted for calculations.

When selecting, before ordering, it is necessary to determine what connections are needed for our application.

Below we present the models collected in this category, sorted by heat transfer area:

Heat Exchanger for a sealed system

0,36 m² HE area
0,38 m² HE area
0,41 m² HE area
0,46 m² HE area
0,48 m² HE area
0,48 m² HE area
0,51 m² HE area
0,54 m² HE area
0,60 m² HE area
0,64 m² HE area
0,64 m² HE area
0,69 m² HE area
0,80 m² HE area
0,92 m² HE area
0,96 m² HE area
0,96 m² HE area
1,28 m² HE area
1,60 m² HE area

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