Ba-16 Plate Heat Exchanger Size Ba-16 PHE Plate Heat Exchangers: the smallest Nordic Tec series with 1-inch connections

Basing on a 220x90mm plate (i.e. 0.016m² of heat exchanger surface for 1 plate). Threads in size 1" allow you to reduce the flow resistance. The nominal flowrate is <8m³/h. The maximum operating pressure is determined at the level of 20 bar.

The Ba-16 heat exchanger comes in versions from 12 to 60 plates. In addition to the smallest model (12-plate), most devices in this series are suitable for operating smaller or larger installations of central heating or buildings as a whole. It works great in the case of traditional heat sources, such as condensing, solid fuel, coal boilers, fireplaces or heat supply from municipal heating networks.

Ba-16 heat exchangers, however, will not necessarily be the best choice for connecting heat pumps, which usually require larger plates (we recommend, for example, the Ba-32, Ba-27 or Ba-60 series).

Each exchanger in this series can be purchased with accessories, i.e. a thermal insulation box limiting heat loss and mounting handles with a set of rotary fittings.

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