Heat exchangers gas-liquid - BA-26-F series

Gas Heat Exchangers Ba-26-F

Plate Heat Exchangers - designed for use with gas-liquid media, commonly referred to as Freon heat exchangers.
Nordic Tec's Freon plate heat exchangers from the BA-26-F series are based on a plate measuring 308x106mm, creating a heat exchange surface area of 0.026m² (single plate).

The gas-liquid heat exchanger from this series is equipped with two channels, one of which is intended for Freon (or another gaseous medium). It features a distinctive connection suitable for brazing - a 5/8" tube.

The other side, intended for conventional (liquid) media, can be water or a glycol solution, for example, and it has a standard external thread in a 1" size.

The most important design feature that sets apart the gas-liquid heat exchangers from the BA-26-F series from traditional plate heat exchangers is their greater resistance to pressure. The maximum design pressure is specified at 45 bar, and each gas-liquid heat exchanger undergoes testing at a pressure exceeding 60 bar during the commissioning procedure.

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