Nordic Tec Livraison en Europe

EU deliveries - Free delivery in 14 countries

We offer FREE DELIVERY on most of the EU territory, in the countries:

Germany, Austria, France (metropoly), the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia

In case of another destinations the system will count the shipping fee. The costs are moderated, we are sure that you will not be negatively surprised, starting from 5-7 €.

We ship our goods from the stocks located in the UE (Germany/Poland), so deliveries to the destinations in the EU don't generate any additional costs, like import fees or duty charges.

  • The delivery within the EU takes in most cases 2-4 working days.


The deliveries to the territories out of the EU

In case of destinations out of the EU - like the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland etc. the delivery may require duty clearance and may generate import fees. The Sellers is not obliged to inform or have the reliable information about the duties, so in this case we suggest to rely on local authorities information. If duty clearence occurs - potential charges are always on the Buyer's side.


Nordic Tec GB Information to the UK's Customers / IMPORTANT Nordic Tec GB

  • The delivery to the UK takes in most cases cca 4-5 working days (if no delay by the courrier service or duty officers).
  • The purchases with the UK's destinations are automatically counted as VAT-ex. prices, so the prices are decreased - so you can pay the VAT with the duty clearence.
  • After Brexit, the deliveries from the EU to the UK may require the duty clearence, which means you can be asked for paying VAT (British rate - 20%) and import fee. Those charges are always on the Buyer's side. You will receive the duty bill from the carrier with the delivery or after the delivery of goods.
  • The exception from those rules are the delivery adresses in Northern Ireland. The deliveries to NI require no duty clearence and generate no additional charges. In case of NI adresses the system countes always full-VAT prices.
  • The Seller doesn't give the binding information about the duty clearence details, charges, procedures in the UK. Please rely on the information by British duty offices.

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