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Mixing groups / Pump groups with check valve by Nordic Tec

We offer pump groups in classic two versions - with a 3-way mixing valves and without. Additionally we offer them for 2 different pump dimensions - for 130mm and 180mm. Our groups contain insulations.

A central heating pump group, also known as a heating circulator pump station, is a device used in central heating systems to circulate hot water from the boiler to the radiators or other heating elements (for example floor-heating).

The pump group ussually consists of a circulating pump and valves, all housed within a compact unit and well insulated. The pump is like a heart of the station and works by pushing hot water from the heat source through the pipes to the radiators, while pulling cool water back to the heat source to be heated again, simultaneously.

The valves in the pump group allow for the control of the flow of water - and enable the regulation of temperature and pressure in our heating system.

Central heating pump groups by Nordic Tec are designed to be energy-efficient and reliable. This is an essential component of a central heating.


Central heating circulating pump groups and pump stations

Pump groups - sotetimes also called pump stations - are an essential component of central heating systems, and in some cases of DHW systems as well. They allow for the efficient heat distribution - throughout the heated building, ensuring that each part or each room is adequately heated. Such a Pump station is quite an simple product, it consists of valves and temperature sensors. Their function involves circulating the fluid ( ussually water ) and transferring heat directly from the heat source (let it be - heat pump or boiler), or indirectly from a buffer tank - to the distribution system, such as underfloor heating or radiators. Then - returning it back to the heat source. This enables achieving the desired temperature level in each part of the building - while the low power consumption of the pump contributes to energy savings.
Nowadays, pump groups with advanced regulation using intelligent algorithms - like electric actuators which can open and close the pump group valces - are increasingly being utilized, allowing for precise and authomatic management of heating system. The right technological solution can reduce operating costs and improve the comfort of living in such a house.

Pump station available in the online store Nordictec-store.com

<Nordic Tec Europe> beside its hey products, as well known plate heat exchangers - offers its customers a variety of pump stations. In our assortment - you can find both pump groups without a mixer - and those with a mixer (3-way valve) - sets suitable for pumps with a mounting width of 130 mm or traditional 180 mm.
Our products are characterized by durability, ensuring safe and long-term use, planned for years. The pump groups by Nordic Tec, offered in our store are most commonly installed in heating systems with multiple circuits.
Pump stations with mixing valves are particularly recommended for underfloor heating installations, while those without any mixing valve are suitable for radiator installations. By using pump station sets from Nordictec-store.com - you have the opportunity to efficiently build a compact and efficient CH system in your home.
Our available products come a reputable manufacturer - and their prices are still very competitive. We encourage you to try our offer, and we assure you that everyone will find something suitable with us.
Nordic Tec pump groups are easily accessible and are offered with the delivery possible in every place in Europe.

What are pump groups used for?

Pump groups are used for the transfer of fluid media - generally from one location to another, within our central heating system. They are applied in various fields such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, construction - and energy industries, like heating but also cooling. They are also utilized in domestic central heating systems to circulate the heating water from the heat pump, condensing boiler - or buffer tank to underfloor heating installations (or traditionally - to radiators).
Pump stations are commonly, very frequently employed in central heating systems with multiple circuits. We install them often in setups with extensive coverag - where there are at least 2 heating circuits  with different temperatures - or when hydraulic resistance is too high for a single circulation pump . Pump group is also installed in heating systems powered by two independent heating devices. It can be for example - a heat pump and a condensing boiler - but there can be different configurations as well. Pump stations consist of little hydraulic elements or devices - that control water flow in the heating system and a pump. This is practically the essential component responsible for transferring the fluid and improving the balance of the system in the same time. With the use of pump sets, central heating systems operate just more efficiently and economically, what is very important today.

Types of pump stations in Nordic Tec shop

Pump stations can be divided based on their dimensions and the presence of a mixer - so called 3 way mixing valve. In Nordic Tec Store - you will find:

  • Pump groups for classic circulation pumps with a mounting width of 180 mm
  • Pump groups for pumps with a mounting width of 130 mm (space saving)
  • Pump groups with a 3 way mixer (also called mixing modules)- pump sets with a built-in three way valve - that allows for mixing warm medium with the cold medium returning from the system. This enables setting the desired parameter of the heating water and delivering - for example, a floor heating medium at a temperature that ensures comfort and efficient operation
  • Pump groups without a mixer - pump sets without a mixing valve - enable the control of fluid flow in the CH system - ensuring optimal operation of the boiler and uniform heating of the entire facility

Mixing pump groups - ready-to-install sets of mixing modules

In Nordictec-store.com, we offer complete ready-to-install mixing pump groups for central heating systems. Our mixing modules available in our catalogue include all necessary components, such as polypropylene insulation, wall mounting elements (expansion plugs, mounting screws), and gaskets. This means - that our Customers don't have to worry about searching for the right parts and can confidently install the system themselves, without wasting time.
Furthermore - it is worth noting that our mixing modules are equipped with non-return valves (ussually on the cold side, marked intuitively with the blue color). This is the accessory preventing water from flowing back into the heating device, which could cause damages. By choosing our pump station sets, you can be assured of their high quality and reliable performance.

Mixing pump stations are crucial for the proper functioning of heating installations. They allow for even distribution of heat - throughout the building and control of room temperatures. At Nordictec-store.com we offer a wide selection of different sets -  ensuring that every Customer will find a set that perfectly suits their needs.
Our products are characterized by high quality and reliable durability -  resulting in long-term use and cost savings. We provide professional service and individual approach to each Customer.

Pump group - advantages

A pump group is one of the most efficient hydraulic systems used for fluid circulation, but still basing on very simple solutions. Its advantages are numerous and highly significant.
Firstly, a pump group ensures safety by making the entire hydraulic system much more stable - and reliable in many aspects. Installing a pump set helps avoid hydraulic failures that can lead to substantial financial losses.
Additionally - pump groups are known for their efficient operation and durability. Their installation is rather quick, much quicker than trying to create similar solution by ourselves. The heating system equipped with them has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Furthermore - pump groups are easy to operate and maintain, require practically no service, ensuring trouble-free functioning of the hydraulic installation for many years. It is important to mention that in the case of models available in our store -  perfectly tailored thermal insulation minimizes heat losses, resulting in device efficiency and reduced operating costs. All of these factors make pump groups an ideal solution for many residential properties.

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