Pump groups

Mixing groups / Pump groups with check valve by Nordic Tec

We offer pump groups in classic two versions - with a 3-way mixing valves and without. Additionally we offer them for 2 different pump dimensions - for 130mm and 180mm. Our groups contain insulations.

A central heating pump group, also known as a heating circulator pump station, is a device used in central heating systems to circulate hot water from the boiler to the radiators or other heating elements (for example floor-heating).

The pump group ussually consists of a circulating pump and valves, all housed within a compact unit and well insulated. The pump is like a heart of the station and works by pushing hot water from the heat source through the pipes to the radiators, while pulling cool water back to the heat source to be heated again, simultaneously.

The valves in the pump group allow for the control of the flow of water - and enable the regulation of temperature and pressure in our heating system.

Central heating pump groups by Nordic Tec are designed to be energy-efficient and reliable. This is an essential component of a central heating.

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