Ba-115 Plate Heat Exchanger - single plate drawingBa-115 - big heat exchangers with 2" connections:

Nordic Tec heat exchangers from the Ba-115 series have a plate size of 535x253 mm (i.e. 0.115 m²/single plate). This is the largest series of plate heat exchangers we offer.

The nominal flow of Ba-115 HE is <45 m³/h. The connections of this series are always 2" (DN50). The maximum recommended working pressure for Ba-115 is 30 bar, tested at 45-60 bar.
Larger models in this series weigh more than 50 kg, so their delivery requires pallet shipping. Their purchase requires prior contact with the Seller in order to estimate possible delivery costs and check availability - for this reason they are not offered for direct sale on e-shop.

Large brazed plate heat exchangers from the Ba-115 series | Nordic Tec

The brazed plate heat exchangers from the Nordic Tec Ba-115 series are quite a versatile solution suitable - for both heating and cooling applications or systems. The bonding of the heating plates during the brazing process in vacuum furnaces ensures their durable fusion ( non-dismountable construction and low susceptibility to leaks ). This guarantees us reliable operation without requiring greater energy consumption than installations without heat exchangers.

The quite extensive, developed heat exchange surface - meaning the surface of the steel plates inside the exchanger - ensures an extremely efficient process - even in demanding conditions based on low temperature differentials. There is a wide range of heat exchangers available on the market - diverse in terms of dimensions, connection sizes, types, and purposes - all of which are covered in the Nordic Tec heat exchanger catalog.
Here on our sites - you can find a heat exchanger tailored to almost any parameters - including large plate heat exchangers, such as those presented by the Ba-115 series with 2-inch threads.

Plate heat exchangers with 2-inch connections | Nordic Tec Ba-115

The Ba-115 series of heat exchangers exclusively features 2-inch connections - based on the classic DN50 size with external threading.
The large size of the heat exchanger's threads ensures the capability for large flows , making these models ideal for use in systems with high flow rates. These could include heating systems for large residential buildings, as well as commercial buildings such as hotels, guesthouses, and warehouse halls. A 2-inch heat exchanger will also work excellently in conjunction with heating devices that require appropriate flow rates, such as bigger heat pumps.

The large connection also ensures that the 2-inch plate heat exchanger does not generate high flow resistances. This is crucial for balancing the entire heating system, both in terms of pressures and temperatures. Additionally, it does not adversely affect the condition of circulation pumps, thereby avoiding premature wear and tear.

Large heat exchanger for refrigeration - operating as a chiller

Nordic Tec Ba-115 heat exchangers are often purchased for use in industrial refrigeration or cooling system as well. Despite being iniversal models, they also serve as excellent heat exchangers for refrigeration purposes. They are frequently employed as chillers in various industrial applications, cooling non-aggressive media such as oil.

Ba-115 heat exchangers with 2" connections are also commonly utilized as components of passive cooling systems using ground source heat pump setups. In this application, they function as chill carriers from boreholes, exchanging heat between water and glycol. Of course, each product from the Ba-115 series is a rather large heat exchanger, more suited for passive cooling in hotels and commercial buildings rather than single-family homes.

Check the whole offer of Nordic Tec - and contact us in case of any questions.

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