Plate size for Ba-32 Heat ExchangerHeat Pump Monobloc 12kW Heat ExchangerBa-32 plate heat exchangers: Key series in our catalog

Devices from the Ba-32 series have the plate size of 286x116mm (i.e. 0.032 m² of heat transfer area for each plate). This is a key series, the most popular and optimized when it comes to the parameters among Nordic Tec heat exchangers.

The nominal flow of this series is 12 m³/h. The connections are always 1 inch (DN25). The permissible working pressure for these exchangers is 30 bar, with tests with 45-60 bar.

PHE Ba-32 due to a large range of variants (from 15 to 90 plates) - it is used not only for traditional central heating boilers or fireplaces, but also for connecting heat pumps, of course, assuming the correct selection. It can cooperate both with monoblocs and splits - but it is still hard to say that it's dedicated mainly for HP, because it can cooperate with almost every kind of heat source.

Traditionally, it is possible to buy sets together with wall-brackets, fittings and thermal insulation.

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Plate heat exchangers liquid-to-liquid - Nordic Tec Ba-32 - one of the most popular series on the market

Ba-32 is indeed one of the most popular series of liquid-to-liquid plate heat exchangers - probably due to its classic plate size. Most heat exchanger manufacturers have their key series, which usually have similar dimensions to the Nordic Tec Ba-32 series. In case you need to make a selection, it is much easier to find the right device - as this product series includes models ranging from 15 to 90 plates. This includes models with a plate surface area of ​​approximately 0.5m2 - for handling single-family homes and traditional heating systems - but also models with a surface area of ​​about 3m2 - for handling large industrial areas - as well as very demanding heat sources such as large heat pumps.

This series will have dimensionally equivalent counterparts (very similar, with differences of only a few or several millimeters) among other manufacturers. This is important because it ensures that exchanging the heat exchanger will not be a problem, even in the perspective of 10 or 15 years.

Plate heat exchangers Ba-32 - what are their applications?

As mentioned above, Ba-32 plate heat exchangers are a large product series with varying parameters depending on the number of plates in a given model. As a result, their application covers almost all aspects of heat exchanger usage in the market, with the number of plates appropriately selected. Below, we will try to provide a few examples.

Heat exchangers for gas boilers 20-30 kW and larger 40-50 kW

For gas boilers, it is recommended to select Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers so that for every 10 kW of the boiler's capacity, there is approximately 0.25-0.3 square meters of heat exchange surface area (in short words : plate surface area).

  • If you are looking for a heat exchanger for a gas boiler in the range of 20-30 kW, models with plate surface areas of 0.5-0.9 square meters will suffice. Models such as Ba-32-15 (0.48m²), Ba-32-20 (0.64m²), or Ba-32-30 (0.96m²) are perfect for this purpose.
  • If you need a heat exchanger for a gas boiler in the range of 40-50 kW, consider Ba-32-40 (1.28m²) or Ba-32-50 (1.60m²) heat exchangers.
  • If you have a larger gas boiler and want to select a heat exchanger to separate it from the old system, larger models with a surface area of up to 3m² are available in the Ba-32 series. This means that the largest models, such as Ba-32-80 (2.56m²) or Ba-32-90 (2.88m²), can easily handle gas boilers with a capacity of up to 80 or 100 kW.

Nordic Tec Ba-32 - Heat exchangers for coal-fired furnaces - or others - e.g. pellet etc.

The method of selecting heat exchangers for coal-fired or other fuel furnaces - which may include solid fuel, pellets, biomass, wood - follows similar principles to selecting a heat exchanger for a gas boiler. This is easily explainable because these heating devices operate at similar supply temperatures and in similar temperature differentials. Heat exchangers from the Ba-32 series are excellent for coal-fired furnaces - very often (specifically in the case of this series of heat exchangers), a simple method is used, which involves calculating the number of plates for the furnace capacity that can be serviced by a particular heat exchanger. For example, a 20-plate heat exchanger Ba-32-20 for a 20 kW furnace, a 30-plate heat exchanger for a 30 kW furnace, and so on.

However, it should be noted that this very simplified method applies only to Ba-32 models (other series have different unit plate surfaces).

Ba-32 Heat Exchangers - How to Connect a Heat Pump to Central Heating?

Heat pumps are decidedly more demanding heat sources, operating at lower temperature differentials, and the selection of a heat exchanger is quite different from traditional boilers, etc. Nevertheless, larger heat exchangers from the Ba-32 series are a very good choice - they can be safely used in configurations with glycol (often required by monoblock pumps when there is a risk of power interruptions, which could pose a threat to our pump and result in a lack of defrost).

When separating pumps filled with glycol, it is advisable to use up to 1.5m² of plate surface per 10 kW of heat pump capacity if it is a radiator system operating at an average of 50 degrees Celsius. However, in the case where there are no radiators in the building and all the heat is directed to underfloor heating manifolds (systems based solely on underfloor heating), due to lower supply temperatures, this multiplier should be increased even up to twice.

Ba-32 Heat Exchangers - What they should not be used for?

Ba-32 heat exchangers are perfectly optimized for a wide range of liquid-to-liquid applications - in other words, they are heat exchangers for liquid media such as water, glycol, mineral oil, etc.

However, the situation is different when it comes to gaseous media or refrigerants, which tend to evaporate (change from liquid to gas state quite rapidly during heating). These are so-called high-pressure media, requiring heat exchangers adapted to such demands. Ba-32 series heat exchangers with a working pressure of up to 30 bar should not be used for refrigerants, cooling agents, and gases.

If you are looking for heat exchangers of similar size to Ba-32 but for the above-mentioned gaseous media, check out:

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