Plate size for Ba-32 Heat ExchangerHeat Pump Monobloc 12kW Heat ExchangerBa-32 plate heat exchangers: Key series in our catalog

Devices from the Ba-32 series have the plate size of 286x116mm (i.e. 0.032 m² of heat transfer area for each plate). This is a key series, the most popular and optimized when it comes to the parameters among Nordic Tec heat exchangers.

The nominal flow of this series is 12 m³/h. The connections are always 1 inch (DN25). The permissible working pressure for these exchangers is 30 bar, with tests with 45-60 bar.

PHE Ba-32 due to a large range of variants (from 15 to 80 plates) - it is used not only for traditional central heating boilers or fireplaces, but also for connecting heat pumps, of course, assuming the correct selection. It can cooperate both with monoblocs and splits - but it is still hard to say that it's dedicated mainly for HP, because it can cooperate with almost every kind of heat source.

Traditionally, it is possible to buy sets together with wall-brackets, fittings and thermal insulation.

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