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Plate heat exchangers for beer wort cooling - Wort chillers

Here you will find several selected models of heat exchangers, recommended for wort cooling. Classic sizes were selected, most often sold for classic brewing sessions, i.e. from 20 to 60 liters. It should be remembered that the larger the heat exchanger (in principle, the larger the heat exchange surface), the faster the cooling process will be, and also more economical in terms of the volume of water needed to optimize the entire process. Our goal is to cool the wort gravitationally so that after a single cooling it reaches a temperature that satisfies us, i.e. about 20-22°, using the most readily available cooling medium, i.e. tap water. Of course, a heat exchanger without accessories should be selected for this application, as thermal insulation or support will not be needed.

Plate Chiller for beer wort home brewing Nordic TecBelow are our recommendations - which plate heat exchanger for home brewing:

PHE Ba-23-20 20 plates, 0.46m² - recommended for novice brewers, for the smallest seassion with a volume of 20-25 liters of wort

PHE Ba-23-30 30 plates, 0.69 - the most classic model and most often chosen for home brewing among our plate chillers. It seems optimal both for beginners and for quite experienced brewers. Most people spend most of their time doing their hobby rather than reach the point where they need a bigger cooler. It will certainly work for brewing sesions with a size of up to 35-40 liters of wort

PHE Ba-23-40 40 plates, 0.92 - a beer cooler for brewers who brew quite often and want to reduce the amount of water used for cooling - or for people planning larger batches, with a volume of wort up to 45-55 liters

PHE Ba-23-50 50 plates, 1.15 - a chiller for the most advanced brewers for whom the quick cooling time of the wort is of particular importance. For larger home brews, e.g. 60-65 liters of beer wort per session.

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