Heat Manifold by Nordic Tec - basic

Basic type of heat manifold by Nordic Tec is possible to use as a UFH manifold na radiator manifold. In 80% the equipment is the same as in case of our most developed heat manifold kits, but in this case - those are the sets without ball-valves and without temperature gauge.

This Heat manifold - however - can be very useful in some underfloor heating configurations, especially when we got not enough space to use all the accessories. If we use the heat manifold without the shut-off valves we reduce the space needed for this equipment.


Actuator valve underfloor heating manifold by NORDIC TEC

The company Nordic Tec as a producer of underfloor heating manifolds doesn't offer the electric actuators for 230V to replace the manifold valves and receive the automatic control over each heating circuit. But of course our heat manifolds are compatible with most of the valve actuators for UFH which are present on European market. We always invest in standarising our threads - this way finding the accessories for our Underfloor heating manifolds  is not a problem in any country in Europe.

The thread types for the outlets of underfloor heating manifolds are:

  • M30x1.5
  • with a pitch of 4-6mm

This means that 90% of valve actuators for controlling the heating circuits in manifolds, which are present on European market are compatible with our products.

Radiator manifolds by NORDIC TEC

Our heat manifolds are very resistant and durable and can be used as radiator manifolds are well, despite of the fact that they are equipped with flow meters too.

A radiator manifold by NORDIC TEC - offers efficient and reliable heating solutions for classic central heating systems. The company is well known for the durability of manifolds, designed with quality in mind. These radiator manifolds give us optimal heat distribution and full control over the process. NORDIC TEC radiator manifolds provide precise control over individual zones of radiators- and this allows you to customize your heating preferences, wfor example with setting different temperature in different rooms.

Radiator manifolds by Nordic Tec are offered in classic variants : from 2 till 12 zones. Optionally you can purchase them with Euroconus adapter.


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