UFH Manifold with ball-valves and thermometers by Nordic Tec

The sub-category with UFH Manifolds - Underfloor Heating Manifolds - complete, incl. shut-off valves (ball valves) with thermometers, ventilation and drain valves, flowmeters and wall-mounting frames. 100% complete sets, optionally you can buy our UFH manifolds with PEX connectors.

The rotameters or flow meter - mean that the most common use is underfloor heating, but in practice our manifolds can be used with radiators as well, with no problem.

Our catalogue offers classic variants of UFH Manidols - when it comes to the number of circuits - from 2 to 12 heating circuits.
Nordic Tec Underfloor heating manifolds are made of brass MS58 - covered with chrome.


UFH manifold with shut-off valve - Nordic Tec

Nordic Tec offers a large catalogue of top-quality UFH manifolds (for underfloor heating mainly - but for radiators too). These manifolds are long-lasting but also competitively priced, independently from which market we could analyse. The Nordic Tec UFH manifolds come to you - fully equipped and are ready for quick installation.

Our sets have always drain valves, air ventvalves , flow meters, thermometers, and shut-off ball valves for each manifold beam . Depending on circuit number, our heating manifolds can be used for heating smaller houses or providing central heating for bigger buildings. Each Nordic Tec underfloor heating manifold from Nordictec-store.com undergoes rigorous testing for quality and performance by technical specialists. All of these factors make Nordic Tec UFH manifolds a reliable solution. With these manifolds  - you can enjoy comfortable and dependable underfloor or radiator heating ... for years.

Under floor heating manifold with valves at Nordictec-store.com

We are a producer's official online store that offers a wide range of under floor manifolds with flow meters, as well as central heating manifolds with flow meters and thermometers. Especially helpful accesory is a manfold ball valve to shut off the Under floor heating manifold in any moment. Our valves include thermometers - which gives you the option of professional control of temperature.

Our Under floor heating manifold range includes models of various sizes, from the smallest ones for 2 heating circuits up to the largest sets for 12 circuits. These central heating manifolds allow for efficient and controlled distribution of heat between our rooms. You can individually adjust the distribution of the heating medium to different sections (heating circuits) giving you control over the temperature in each room of your building. This is the condition of a modern under floor heating manifold.

On our official website - you will find a variety of UFH manifolds and radiators manifolds, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your specific heating system need. Our underfloor heating manifolds are known for their excellent durability (thanks to a very good materials), ensuring a long lifespan.

We invite you to browse our UFH range and select the ideal manifold for your underfloor heating.

The work principle of a underfloor manifold - NT

An underfloor manifold and for UFH or for radiators (technically no difference) is used to divide and distribute heat in rooms in a controlled manner, so sometimes it's called as well a "heating distributor". Its principal function is to divide the hot water from the boiler or a heat pump - into different heating circuits for underfloor heating and/or radiators.
To control the process - our maniflods are equipped with ball valves - in this category you can find the straight valves for manfolds - but we offer also the sets with angled valves.
By partially or fully closing the valves, it is possible to have full control over the temperature in the rooms.

Considering that Nordic Tec undefloor manifolds are equipped with the universal thread sizes - 3/4" for UFH secions - there is no problem with replacing the UFH valves with electric actuators. Then we get the austomatic control of the whole process of heating by underfloor manifold.

The underfloor manifolds available in NORDIC TEC EUROPE Shhop - work reliably for long years and can be powered by every possible heating device. The floor heating can be powered by a condensing gas boiler, wood burnr or heat pump (and so on - the list could be long).. We can freely say that under floor heating manifolds are key elements of modern heating systems in modern building - and give a big comfort of usage.

Central Heating Manifold - for UFH or radiators?

In fact our central heating manifolds are completely universal. Technically those are the same devices for both types of heating. We decided to describe our central heating manifolds more frequently as UFH manifolds - because they have flow meters. This is an accessory which is very useful, many people would say - absolutely necessaire for the under floor heating manifold. However - there is technically no problem to use manifolds with flowmeters also for traditional radiator system. We could say more - flow meters can be helpful and useful also there.

Nordic Tec central heating manifolds can be used:

  • UFH - Under floor heating manifolds - this is the main application and most of our Customers order our manifolds just for this purpose
  • Radiator heating manifolds - traditional type -known everywhere and still popular
  • Mixed systems - where a central heating manifold distributes the heat between underfloor heating and radiators

The central heating manifolds from Nordictec-store.com could also be categorized by the number of circuits they can divide. We offer a cataloge for the variants from 2 till 12 heating circuits, traditionally.

UFH manifold with pump or without - NORDIC TEC

As a producer of HVAC articles made of stainless steel and top quality Brass - Nordic Tec doen't offer circulation pumps for UFH manifolds under our own brand. For this reason we decided to don't offer the UFH manifold kits with pumps - but we wanted to refer to this question here in this place, because we receive quite frequently the questions fromour Customers: which pump are possible to use with Nordic Tec UFH manifolds. In fact their sizes are prepared for the most popular pump size which is 180 mm- but in case of need - it can be also adjusted for the 2nd type -which is 130mm.

Underfloor heating flow meter by Nordic Tec

As mentionned above - Nordic Tec Underfloor Heating Manifold kits include flow meters. Underfloor heating flow meters are small components which as visible on the higher beam of our central heating manifolds, you can find them on the photoes. Thanks to this equipment your plumbers will adjust the flowrate in each section of your central heating, which is especially important in case of UFH. - but also very helpful in case of traditional radiators' heating system.
Sometimes our team receives questions - what if the underfloor flowmeter is dommaged . Thanks to our policy of using the best materials and producing all the accessories only in Europe - we assure your about out high quality - but still we consider this a very good question. Thanks to our another policy - we produce all teh accesories in universal sizes. This means you can replace the flow meters with the ones of any producer - and they will be suitable. This refers to every single country and every possible market in Europe - you'll have no problem to find any spare parts to our central heating manifolds.

The advantages of underfloor heating manifold kit | Nordic Tec

Underfloor heating manifold kit only sounds the same as other soltuions - in fact ordering Nordic Tec UFH manifold you are receive a full-kit, ready to instal. Our experience says that completing the separate elements of the central heating manifold is a very time consuming process - and in many time nobody wants to pay for this, as we only want to pay for the final effect. Here - buying the underfloor heating manifold kits by Nordic Tec you can think practically only about moutning it in your boileroom. You will receive all the elements incuding the shut-off valves for manifold with theremometers for temperature control, flow meters etc. This is the general idea of Nordic Tec distribution - we appreciate your time - and we are trying to deliver whole sets. It doesn't really matter if it's about the underfloor heating manifold kits or plate heat exchanger kits for UFH heating.

You can browse and follow the equppement which as shown on the photoes of our underfloor heating manifold kits - everytime you will receive what is shown on the photo - including all the elements.


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