Heat Exchanger Wall-Mounting Sets

Heat Exchanger Mounting Brackets with screw connections - how to hang a plate heat exchanger on a wall?

Suspension bracket for Nordic Tec heat exchanger

Mounting sets for heat exchangers are unique project, distributed in large numbers, gaining popularity every year. It solves the problem of assembly, i.e. the issue of stable location of the heat exchanger. Along with the water flowing through the device - it can reach a considerable weight and should not be suspended only on the pipes.

The main advantage is the great saving of time, because the set includes, apart from the handles, all the equipment when it comes to screw connections. The console is designed in such a way that it leads the approaches to the exchangers in any direction and in any angle, greatly facilitating the installation.

Thanks to the stable bracket - the heat exchanger will also be mounted stably, and we must be aware that the flow of media, additionally increased by circulation pumps, always causes turbulence, which in the long run could even lead to unsealing of the connections. Thanks to the bracket, we have full safety - the risk of unsealing is eliminated.

It is possible to extend the 1-inch set with shut-off valves with a thermometer.

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