Heat Exchanger Wall-Mounting Sets

Heat Exchanger Mounting Brackets with screw connections - how to hang a plate heat exchanger on a wall?

Suspension bracket for Nordic Tec heat exchanger

Mounting sets for heat exchangers are unique project, distributed in large numbers, gaining popularity every year. It solves the problem of assembly, i.e. the issue of stable location of the heat exchanger. Along with the water flowing through the device - it can reach a considerable weight and should not be suspended only on the pipes.

The main advantage is the great saving of time, because the set includes, apart from the handles, all the equipment when it comes to screw connections. The console is designed in such a way that it leads the approaches to the exchangers in any direction and in any angle, greatly facilitating the installation.

Thanks to the stable bracket - the heat exchanger will also be mounted stably, and we must be aware that the flow of media, additionally increased by circulation pumps, always causes turbulence, which in the long run could even lead to unsealing of the connections. Thanks to the bracket, we have full safety - the risk of unsealing is eliminated.

It is possible to extend the 1-inch set with shut-off valves with a thermometer.


Connection of a plate heat exchanger - mounting kit, wall brackets

The plate heat exchanger is an important component in many heating systems. Consisting of a series of thin plates made of a material that conducts heat well (steel), the plate heat exchanger effectively transfers thermal energy between different heating circuits. In many systems - it is indispensable as it separates the boiler circuits operating in an open system from the receiver circuits (radiators, UFH) operating in a sealed-closed system.

Considering the usefulness of plate heat exchangers - they are a vital element in some heating installations in our homes or businesses. As a result, many people face the dilemma of how to properly install a plate heat exchanger to ensure it performs its function well and continues to serve its users for many years. In response to this question - Nordic Tec has prepared a unique offer of mounting kits for plate heat exchangers, which allow the devices to be securely attached to the wall, ensuring safety and operational efficiency. We warmly encourage you to explore our offer of PHE mounting set, which will save your time and give a full comfort.

Store with installation kits for plate heat exchangers - Nordictec-store.com

We have included a wide selection of brackets for mounting plate heat exchangers in our offer. As a manufacturer of heat exchanger installation kits - we guarantee that our products are safe to use and durable. In our store - you will find mounting kits for heat exchangers designed for various connection sizes in installations (3/4 inch - 1 inch - or 1 1/4 inch), allowing for easy customization to meet individual Customer needs. This makes the selection of the appropriate mounting bracket quick and effortless.

Plate heat exchanger connection - what is required for installation?

Are you wondering what components are needed for the installation of a plate heat exchanger for central heating? When you choose the Nordic Tec plate heat exchanger mounting kit, you don't have to worry about it anymore. The mounting kits available in our offer include all the necessary elements required to attach the heat exchanger to the wall in your boiler room. Designed and manufactured specifically for heat exchangers, the components included in our mounting kits are durable, sturdy, and perfectly suited for heat exchanger installation. The only thing you need to provide separately from the mounting kit is screws or fasteners suitable for the wall surface and the weight of the device itself.

How to properly install a plate heat exchanger? | Nordic Tec Europe

To ensure proper installation of a plate heat exchanger, prevent airlocking and clogging, it should be mounted in a vertical position. For optimal performance the flow of the both media should be counter-current. Additionally  it is recommended to install circulation pumps on the return side of the system. It is also advisable to include isolation valves at each connection point between the heat exchanger and the system to allow for convenient disassembly if needed.

What should be given special attention to when connecting a heat exchanger?

During the installation of a heat exchanger, special attention should be paid to several important aspects. Firstly - it is necessary to ensure that the exchanger is properly positioned (vertically) - it should be stable and fully accessible for operation and potential maintenance work in future. Additionally, it is important to check if the PHE has been connected according to the recommendations (which means counter-currently). Individual circuits should be connected as recommended in the product specifications. Especially for heat exchangers weighing more than 4-5 kg (without water), it is a good choice to purchase heat exchanger mounting kit designed for safe operation of this type of devices. It is also important to conduct operational tests after connecting the exchanger to ensure that it is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Let's ensure accuracy and caution during the installation of the heat exchanger to guarantee its long lasting and trouble-free operation, even for years. It is worth noting that filters at the inlet of the exchanger on both sides should be installed, definitely before the initial start-up of the system (the ideas of adding them after checking the system are really not good).

Another thing to remember during the test run of the system is that on a cold system, the heat loss on the exchanger is usually greater, even with proper selection of a HE. However, it stabilizes when the system operates continuously and the installation is no longer cold.

Wall brackets for heat exchangers - a ready solution

The wall brackets for heat exchangers offered by us are ready-made solutions that solve the issue of mounting plate heat exchanger. By using them, you will stabilize the device and ensure its safety during operation. They prevent micro - vibrations that could loosen the connections or the sealings between the device and the installation over time. Additionally, by using the mounting kit for plate heat exchangers from Nordictec-store.com - you will save time and effort. Our models come equipped with all the necessary accessories, except for the mounting screws directly onto the wall. This high-quality solution is designed with customer comfort and safety in mind.

How to choose the right mounting kit for a heat exchanger?

When selecting a mounting kit for a heat exchanger, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Connection diameter: Our store offers mounting kits for heat exchangers with 1", 3/4", and 5/4" connections, corresponding to DN25, DN20, and DN32 sizes respectively.
  • Weight of the heat exchanger including the water flowing through it: We provide mounting brackets for heat exchangers with a load capacity of up to 35 kg, considering the total weight (including water).
  • Connection spacing: Our kits are suitable for heat exchangers with connection spacing ranging from 40 mm to 100 mm. This makes them a versatile solution compatible with most brands available in the European market.

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