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In this category you will find Water Purifiers UV and UV Water Filters based on PHILIPS UV bulbs, the devices made of Stainless Steel - created as efficient UV water filtration systems. The cathegory includes the fill range from the very small UV water filters, through the water purifiers UV for home - till the industrial products of high efficiency.

UV Filter Water Purifier by Nordic Tec

UV Filters Water Purifiers are used to make water treatment both in domestic/residential and industrial applications. The key to the effectiveness of the UV lamp for water, i.e. proper water sterilization, is the correct selection of the device, so that the dose of UV rays corresponds to the water flow in the right proportions. Biological contamination, like E. Coli bacteria is a particular indication - but not the only one.

The UV Lamps used by us are the most standarised TUV units by PHILIPS and they are possible to find in every European country.

Contact avec Nordic Tec support techniqueIn case of problems with the selection, ask our staff for help - and enjoy healthy drinking water straight from the kitchen tap.

We deliver our water treatment systems in whole Europe - practically to every European destination - and in 14 European countries the deliveries from Nordic Tec are completely free.


UV water sterilizers and UV water purifiers for home use

UV water sterilizers and UV water purifiers are ideal solutions for individuals who want to enjoy healthy and microorganism-free water - in their homes or companies. By utilizing ultraviolet radiation UV lamps for water effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae from the water, ensuring safety for the entire family. Among them - E. Coli bacteria, which can be eliminated in 99.3-99.7% by UV radiation. The UV filters for water are frequently used for self-sourced well water - but water contamination with E-Coli bacteria occurs as well in water from municipal systems. Until now, UV lamps for water are effectively the only permanent solution due to the fact that any one-time water disinfection can only provide temporary relief.

On the other hand - in this cathegory we offer as well Scale Inhibitors - which are cold sometimes Water Softeners - through the use of ion polarization system, soften the water without removing its essential salts and minerals. This not only enhances the taste of the water for drinking, cooking, and preparing meals but also prevents the buildup of scale deposits - which can be harmful to sensitive devices such as all types of heat exchangers, heat pumps, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, and more. That's why - an increasing number of people are opting to install UV water sterilizers and water purifiers in their homes. It is an investment that guarantees access to healthy water for many years to come.

UV lamps for drinking water at Nordictec-store.com

At Nordic Tec online store, you will find high-quality UV lamps for drinking water and water descalers (IPSE - Ion Polarisation System for preventing scale deposit). Ensure the cleanliness and quality of the water you drink with our UV lamp for water treatment. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the water sterilizer lamp eliminate all microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli, ensuring everyday purity - and freshness. And - our water softener effectively protects the central heating system and household appliances from the formation of calcium-magnesium deposits - so called limescale - which can cause serious malfunctions. Unlike typical water softeners, the water treatment systems available at Nordictec-store.com do not remove minerals from the water but only change their structure, making it safe for domestic appliances and the health of household members.

Our products are not only effective - but also user-friendly and cost-efficient. In our shop, we strive to offer our Customers the best and most technologically advanced water purification with UV light. Our equipment is safe for health and the environment - as well as easy to install and maintain. Choose a solution that meets your needs and provides you with clean and healthy water every day. Our range includes products with various specifications, from a 4W sterilizer with a flow rate of 50 liters per hour to a 220W sterilizer with a flow rate of over 8000 liters per hour!

Remember that our UV lamps for water disinfection are equipped only with the best UV filaments - produced in Europe by PHILIPS. It can not be replaced with Asian UV-C bulbs as in case of many of our competitors. The UV bulb is in fact the hearth of the whole water treatment system.

UV water purifier - definition and purpose

UV water purifiers can have different names, can be called UV water sterilisers, UV water filters etc. But key is always the fact - that they are equipped with ultraviolet lamp emitting rays that destroy bacteria and microorganisms. They are modern devices, used to remove biological contaminants from drinking water. By utilizing special technology, UV water filters effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. They are particularly recommended for use with well water, spring water, and tap water, which may contain various disease-causing microorganisms. UV sterilizers for water disinfection are very easy to use and do not require the use of chemical agents - making them safe for human health and the natural environment. It is also worth noting the long lifespan of UV water filters, which typically lasts several years (the estimated lifespan of PHILIPS TUV bulb used in our offered water sterilizers is up to 10,000 hours; the lamps are replaceable and can be replaced with a new one, when necessary). As a result, these devices provide an excellent and effective method for water purification in any home or workplace.

UV water filtration system - with UV bulbs by PHILIPS

The fact that our sets are equipped with Philips UV lamps is of great significance. These standardized TUV lamps are produced by a large manufacturer - and are readily available in almost every European country. This provides the assurance that a replacement lamp for the UV lamp will always be obtainable without the need to import it from abroad.

In most cases - assuming that the UV water filtration system works 24/7 with very small breaks for the familly absence longer than 1-2 days - the UV bulb is about to be replaced after cca 1 year or a bit more.

UV light for water purification - types

Bactericidal UV light for water are special devices - that enable effective water disinfection through the use of UV radiation. Nordictec-store.com  offers UV water filtration systems of various power levels - and radiation capacity - which can be used in aquariums, ponds, as well as in single-family homes, hotels, the food industry, and industrial facilities. The power of the device determines its efficiency and - consequently, its range of applications. UV lamps are particularly important in water treatment plants and filtration systems, where they prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. UV filters for water are also easy to install and operate, and their compact size allows for installation in various locations according to the user's needs. The UV sterilizers for water offered in <Nordic Tec Europe> are available in versions designed for direct mounting in the filtration system. As a result, the water remains clean and safe for living organisms, which is crucial for both aquariums, ponds, and drinking water applications.

How to choose the right UV lamp - water sterilizer offered in our store?

When choosing a UV light for water disinfection, the main focus should be on its power. The appropriate power will depend on the purpose of the UV sterilizer. Different models will be selected for sterilizing water in ponds, for water treatment in a single-family home, or for the needs of a hotel or restaurant. It is also important for the UV sterilizer to be user-friendly and provide access to replaceable components. A good model should offer ease of installation and operation. Depending on the requirements and application, it's worth considering additional features such as operation indicators, safety systems, or resistance to mechanical damage. If in doubt, it's always worthwhile to consult with the experts of Nordic Tec. The staff at our store will be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance in choosing the appropriate bactericidal UV lamp.

UV water sterilizer whole house

Typically, for water sterilization in a single-family home, UV lamps in the range of 30-55W are commonly used. These are sterilizers with 3/4" outlet diameter, which is perfectly sufficient.

A 30W UV water filter for a single-family home is perfectly sufficient if there are 2-4 people living in the house and you have a typical layout with 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. Installing such a lamp at the water entry point of your home is sufficient in most cases - and you can enjoy healthy water for the rest of your life.

If you have a larger family or higher water usage at one time, such as having 2 bathrooms actively used by household members, it is worth considering a 55W sterilizer. This higher UV radiation capacity will provide additional disinfection power and ensure effective sterilization even with increased water demand.
A 55W water sterilizer is also a good solution if testing has shown a significant tendency for the reoccurrence of E. coli bacteria colonies. The higher wattage will provide stronger UV radiation, effectively targeting and eliminating the bacteria, ensuring the water remains safe and free from harmful microorganisms.

Water softener for home - definition, principle of operation, and purpose

The water conditioners, known as well as water descalers - available at Nordictec-store.com are high-quality devices specifically designed for use in households located in regions with high water hardness levels. The principle of operation of our water softeners is based on ion polarization. The rule of operation is quite easy - and effective. The electro-conductive fiber inside the device forms an electrode cell with a voltage of <6V when it comes into contact with water. As a result, the structure of minerals present in the water is altered, preventing them from forming deposits (which we know as a scale). The water softener causes calcium and magnesium compounds, responsible for the formation of scale deposits, to take on a soft form that can be removed along with the water. By using our offered solutions, it is possible to effectively solve the problem of scale deposits in central heating systems and household appliances - (such as washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers), thus improving their efficiency and reducing operating costs. Additionally, an unintended benefit of using water softeners from Nordictec-store.com is their bactericidal effect. Therefore - these devices can be used as a complement to UV water sterilizers - this way and help combat harmful microorganisms such as E. Coli - ensuring water safety and health.

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