Stainless Steel UV Sterilisers & Filters

Water Conditioners - UV Lamps and Water Softeners

IWater Descaler - Nordic Tecn this category you will find Nordic Tec UV sterilizers based on PHILIPS filaments. They are used to sterilize water both in domestic/residential and industrial applications. The key to the effectiveness of the UV lamp, i.e. proper water sterilization, is the correct selection of the device, so that the dose of UV rays corresponds to the water flow in the right proportions. Biological contamination, like E-Coli is a particular indication.

The bulbs used by us are the most standarised TUV by PHILIPS and they are possible to find in every European country.

Contact avec Nordic Tec support techniqueIn case of problems with the selection, ask our staff for help - and enjoy healthy drinking water straight from the kitchen tap.

An additional product is a water softener, based on ion polarization technology, consisting in the precipitation of minerals that cause water hardness and scale deposits.

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