Insulation boxes for Ba-16 heat exchangers by Nordic Tec

Insulations boxes in this sub-category of our catalogue fit to the heat exchangers from the series Ba-16 with 1" connections, which have a basic dimension of 220 x 90 mm.
This is the smallest heat exchanger series by Nordic Tec. If you need to insulate the PHE from this series with an original insulation jacket - browse our catalogue.


Other thermal insulations - for other plate heat exchangers

Our store, as an official store by Nordic Tec - offers the insulation boxes for the plate heat exchangers made by this brand.

In our catalogue you can find PHE insulations for every Nordic Tec Heat Exchanger, unless the producer doesn't offer this accessory.
If you got any doubts about how to size correctly the insulation box to your exchanger - contact us, we'll help you.

We remind however that we don't offer customised sizes of heating insulation or insulation boxes for producers by other brands.

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