Heat Exchanger Thermal Insulations

Thermal insulation boxes for Nordic Tec Plate Heat Exchangers

Thermal lagging is used to reduce heat losses on plate heat exchangers. Currently, there is a tendency to create economical heating systems, and it is considered not entirely reasonable to accept minor heat losses on uninsulated elements of the installation. The heat exchanger, as a heating device, works to some extent in a similar way to the radiator fins, i.e. it gives off some of the heat to the outside, heating the boiler room - while it would be more useful to direct this lost heat energy to underfloor heating in the living room or radiators. It is precisely in order to solve this problem that PHE insulation is used, which in the long term contributes to more effective and economical operation of the central heating system.

Our insulations are dimensionally matched to the Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers that we distribute. We do not offer insulation matching other brands of exchangers, with a few exceptions, which are detailed in the descriptions of specific products.

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