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Thermal insulation boxes for Nordic Tec Plate Heat Exchangers

Thermal lagging is used to reduce heat losses on plate heat exchangers. Currently, there is a tendency to create economical heating systems, and it is considered not entirely reasonable to accept minor heat losses on uninsulated elements of the installation. The heat exchanger, as a heating device, works to some extent in a similar way to the radiator fins, i.e. it gives off some of the heat to the outside, heating the boiler room - while it would be more useful to direct this lost heat energy to underfloor heating in the living room or radiators. It is precisely in order to solve this problem that PHE insulation is used, which in the long term contributes to more effective and economical operation of the central heating system.

Our insulations are dimensionally matched to the Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers that we distribute. We do not offer insulation matching other brands of exchangers, with a few exceptions, which are detailed in the descriptions of specific products.


Thermal insulation for a plate heat exchanger | Nordic Tec Europe

Thermal insulation of a plate heat exchanger is a key component - that ensures high device efficiency and energy savings. The application of insulation jacket for a heat exchanger significantly improves the heat exchanger's effectiveness, resulting in reduced heating operation costs. Heat exchange between two media - occurs within the exchanger, rather than on its surface, which minimizes energy losses (the heat exchanger does not release heat outside, heating air in the boiler room). In case of the lack of insulation box, these losses typically amount to several %, meaning the heat exchanger operates less efficiently. Therefore - thermal insulation of a plate heat exchanger is an investment that quickly pays off and contributes to improving the efficiency of technological processes and the economic outcome of the heating system.

Thermal insulation box for heat exchangers available at Nordictec-store.com

Nordictec-store.com is an online shop, run directly by the producer - offering thermal insulations for Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers. We are the producer - and the main distributor of these products in the European market, we offer the delvieries practically to every European destination, on the bigger part of the EU with free delivery. Plate heat exchanger insulation is extremely important for the efficient operation of HE, which in turn contributes to energy savings and cost reduction, by our heat course (there can be different - gas boilers, heat pumps, solar pannels, fireplaces and many other). In our store, you will find various types of insulation made from high-quality materials such as polypropylene foam or polyurethane. These reliable solutions guarantee low heat loss coefficients. Our products are easy to install and enhance the performance of plate heat exchangers, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the entire heating system. Invest in thermal insulation for a heat exchanger and enjoy cost savings while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your equipment.

The purpose of thermal insulation for a heat exchanger

Thermal insulation box for plate heat exchangers plays an incredibly important role in the heat transfer process. A heat exchanger is a device that transfers thermal energy from 1 medium to another, such as - for example - from hot water in a heating boiler circuit to water in underfloor heating or radiators. This is made possible by thin plates inside the device made of a material with good heat conductivity. The working fluids flow over these plates, allowing the transfer of thermal energy from the higher temperature fluid to the lower temperature fluid, thereby heating it. Heat Exchanger's Insulation, on the other hand, prevents the escape of that thermal energy to the surroundings. Thanks to insulation, the heat exchanger operates more efficiently, and the entire installation is more cost-effective. That's why it is crucial to have insulation applied if we aim for an efficient heating system. PHE insulation also has an impact on the safety of the device as it reduces the risk of burns from touching hot surfaces. The thickness requirements for insulation depend on the type of heat exchanger and the type of medium flowing through it. Typically, insulation thickness ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 cm.

How to properly size thermal insulation for a heat exchanger?

Thermal insulation for a heat exchanger plays an important role in the heat flow process in heating and cooling systems. However, it needs to be selected correctly as the sizes vary for specific heat exchanger models. In our store, under the insulation category, you will find information in the description of each item specifying the heat exchanger models to which the particular thermal insulation - or jacketing is dedicated. The insulation material is always chosen to have the lowest possible thermal conductivity coefficient.

In summary, the proper selection of thermal insulation for a plate heat exchanger is essential for the correct operation of heating or cooling systems and energy savings. It is important to choose it appropriately or seek assistance from our team.

Benefits of using insulation accessories for a heat exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger's thermal insulation is an essential element in terms of the efficiency of heating and some cooling systems too. By using insulation of the appropriate thickness, we can protect the heat exchanger from excessive heat loss and increase its effectiveness. This requires precise adjustment of the insulation thickness to the type and parameters of the heat exchanger, which we ensure. In our online store, Nordictec-store.com, we offer thermal insulation jackets for Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers available in our product range. By choosing models from our assortment, you can be confident that they will perfectly match the Nordic Tec plate heat exchangers in terms of effectiveness and dimensions. While the benefits of using heat exchanger insulation may not be immediately noticeable within a month, over the lifespan of 10-15 years, the advantages become evident. Therefore, it is definitely worth investing time and money in properly insulating the heat exchanger to prevent heat loss.

What factors should be considered when selecting insulation for a heat exchanger?

When selecting insulation for a heat exchanger, several important factors should be considered. Firstly, it should be a dedicated insulation model specifically designed for our heat exchanger, ensuring a close size match. If choosing insulation that is not specifically designed for the heat exchanger, the type of insulation material becomes crucial in terms of effectiveness. It is important to select a material with the highest insulation coefficient, such as polyurethane foam. Secondly, the thickness of the insulation layer is equally important. Thicker insulation provides better heat retention. Thirdly, the dimensions of the plate heat exchanger insulation must be well-matched to the device. A good solution is to purchase thermal jackets designed for specific heat exchanger models. For example - at Nordic-store.com, we offer insulation for specific Nordic Tec heat exchanger models. By choosing them, you can be confident that the size and technical parameters of the jackets perfectly match our plate heat exchangers.

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