B-Line Pool Titanium Exchangers

NORDIC B-LINE Titanium Heat Exchangers

The Shell&Tube heat exchangers, which are destinated for agressive media & salt water. They are made 100% of titanium, no other ingredients. Mainly invented for swimming pools with sea water, everywhere where the standard steel HE would not be enough - but they can work excellent also in many industrial applications.

The product line basically is the same as in case of standard steel pool & spa exchangers, the only significant difference is the material.

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Titanium Heat Exchangers for Pools

Titanium heat exchangers are the perfect solution for individuals who own pools with saltwater, brackish water, or seawater. By utilizing high-quality titanium, these heat exchangers are resistant to corrosion, allowing for their long-term use . Titanium heat exchangers ensure comfortable pool water heating, enabling year-round enjoyment. They are easy to install and operate. Due to titanium's excellent heat conductivity, they are also highly efficient and effective . Considering the above, it's no wonder that these devices are increasingly used not only in private pools but also in hotels and resorts. Titanium heat exchangers for pools are a long-term investment that provides comfortable and secure pool usage.

Titanium Heat Exchangers for Swimming Pool at Nordictec-store.com

In the online store Nordictec-store.com, we offer high-quality titanium heat exchangers for swimming pools with impressive durability parameters that excel in contact with brine, seawater, and saltwater.  We provide models with capacities of 16 kW, 30 kW, 45 kW, 88 kW, 110 kW, and 175 kW, enabling each of our customers to choose a titanium exchanger perfectly tailored to their individual needs. Our products are known for their robustness and resistance to mechanical damage, high and low temperatures, and corrosion. Titanium heat exchangers - destinated mainly for swimming pools - available in our store are suitable not only for this purpose but also for other facilities that come into contact with aggressive substances, such as oil or silicone coolers. The titanium heat exchangers by the manufacturer Nordic Tec are characterized by high efficiency. Heat exchange (or heat transfer) between working fluids occurs effectively with minimal energy loss. By utilizing pool heat exchangers made of titanium, various sources of thermal energy can be utilized, making their usage particularly cost-effective. At Nordictec-store.com, we offer high-quality products that undoubtedly meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers . We encourage you to explore our selection and choose the best solution for your pool.

Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger - Application

Nordictec-store.com is the place where you can find the best pool heat exchangers made entirely from titanium, which is important. Our solutions are an excellent choice for all pool owners who want to enhance the efficiency of their water heating systems while minimizing operating costs. The products available on the Nordic Tec Europe website are of the highest quality, crafted entirely from titanium, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. Thanks to modern technology, the buildup of deposits on the heat exchanger's surface is minimal, and heat exchange processes occur extremely efficiently, resulting in significant savings in pool heating costs. Furthermore, titanium heat exchangers perform exceptionally well in contact with aggressive substances such as chlorine, fluoride, or salt. This type of heat exchanger is easy to install and operate, and it does not require the use of any chemical cleaning agents. Additionally it is quite light, as the weight of titanium is much lower than steel.

Types of Pool Heat Exchangers - for salt water and freshwater

In the product range of the Nordic-sklep.pl online store, we offer the following types of pool heat exchangers:

The construction, installation, and operation of the models we offer are fundamentally the same, regardless of the material they are made of. The only difference to point out between them is the type of media they are designed to work with. Stainless steel heat exchangers are suitable for contact with freshwater, while titanium heat exchangers should be chosen for heating saltwater.

Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger - Advantages

A titanium pool heat exchanger is an excellent solution for those who value durability and robustness. Titanium is an incredibly corrosion-resistant material, ensuring that the heat exchanger will serve reliably for many years. Additionally, due to its design, a titanium pool heat exchanger is highly energy-efficient, resulting in lower operational costs for the water tank. It is also easy to install and doesn't require specialized tools. A titanium pool heat exchanger is safe for users as it doesn't contaminate the pool water and doesn't require the use of any chemicals. That's why it is increasingly chosen by individuals who care about the environment and the health of their loved ones. By combining durability, efficiency, and safety of use, a titanium pool heat exchanger will undoubtedly be an excellent choice for every pool owner.

How to choose the Pool Heat Exchanger for saltwater?

When selecting a heat exchanger for preparing warm water in a pool, it's advisable to consider the following device specifications:

  • Material of the Heat Exchanger: As mentioned above, for pools with freshwater, it's best to opt for stainless steel heat exchangers. However, for heating water in pools with saltwater, brine, or seawater, it's more appropriate to use titanium heat exchangers.

  • Heat Exchanger Power: Within Nordic-sklep.pl's product range, you'll find devices with power ranging from 16 kW to 180 kW. This allows you to easily select a model that perfectly matches your needs.

  • Suggested Pool Volume: Pay attention to this parameter to ensure that the heat exchanger can adequately serve your pool.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: Confirm that the heat exchanger's maximum operating temperature aligns with your pool's requirements.

  • Recommended Operating Pressure: Ensure that the heat exchanger can handle the operating pressure of your system.

  • Certifications: Check for any relevant certifications that ensure the quality and safety of the heat exchanger, especially PED (Pressure Directive).

  • Connection Size: Verify that the heat exchanger's connection size matches your existing plumbing setup.

By considering these specifications, you can confidently select the appropriate pool heat exchanger for saltwater applications, ensuring efficient and reliable heating for your pool water.

Operation of Titanium Heat Exchangers for Pools

The use of titanium heat exchangers is highly popular in pools located within SPA hotels and other large public swimming facilities . Titanium is an exceptionally durable metal, making it an ideal material for heat exchangers that need to perform under challenging conditions posed by pool water . Titanium heat exchangers ensure rapid and precise heating of pool water, which is particularly crucial during colder seasons. These heat exchangers are user-friendly and have a longer lifespan compared to those made from other materials. They are also more resistant to corrosion and mineral buildup, requiring less maintenance and operating more efficiently. As a result - titanium heat exchangers are gaining increasing popularity in private pool setups, especially among users seeking to minimize operational costs and achieve enhanced energy efficiency.

Invest only in 100% titanium material if you plan to heat up the salt water swimming pool or whirlpool. Other solutions like partially titanium - will not give you the comfort and safety.


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