The Regulations define the rules for the use by Users, including Buyers, of the Store operated by the Seller. The Regulations are made available continuously on the Store's website in a way that allows Users to obtain, reproduce and record its content.


The terms used in the Regulations have the following meanings:

Seller - PUH LedNet with headquarters in 26-500 Szydłowiec, ul. Jastrzębska 36A, with VAT registration numbers: DE325459351, PL7991921264, GB 374100723 which runs business activity, sells goods or provides services as part of the Store.

Store - a collection of websites and IT tools (website) managed by the Seller and enabling Users to conclude Sales Agreements or Agreements for the provision of services, available in the Internet domain: www.nordictec-store.com The store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but an invitation to potential Buyers to submit purchase offers. When ordering goods, the Customer submits an offer to conclude a contract, which is then confirmed (or rejected) by the Seller.

Buyer - a User who has concluded a Sales Agreement or an Agreement for the provision of services as part of the Store.

Sales contract - a contract concluded in the Store on the terms resulting from the Regulations between the Seller and the Buyer, the subject of which is the sale of goods to the Buyer. The moment of concluding the contract is considered not the moment of placing the order by the potential Buyer / User, but the moment of confirming the order by the Seller.

Agreement for the provision of services - an agreement concluded in the Store on the terms resulting from the Regulations between the Seller and the Buyer, the subject of which is the provision of services or services by the Seller to the Buyer.

Agreement - includes the Sales Agreement and the Agreement for the provision of services. The conclusion takes place when the order is confirmed by the Seller. The moment of its conclusion is not considered the moment of placing an order by a potential Buyer / User.

Regulations - these Store Regulations.

Materials - information contained on the Store's websites, incl. names and descriptions as well as photos and graphic illustrations of goods, markings of goods producers.

User - Internet user using the Store, buyer or intending to purchase goods or services presented by the Seller through the Store.


A user who is a natural person may use the Store provided that he has full legal capacity.
A user who is not a natural person may use the Store through persons authorized to act on his behalf, subject to the provisions contained in section REGISTRATION IN THE STORE, point 4.
The User may use the Store via devices communicating with the Internet (computer, telephone) using a web browser.
The Seller shall not be liable for damages caused by the User as a result of providing false, outdated or incomplete data in the forms referred to in section REGISTRATION IN THE STORE, points 2 and 3, and the User's failure to comply with the Regulations. The data provided by the User may not violate the provisions of the currently applicable law as well as personal rights and rights of third parties.
The User undertakes not to disclose to third parties his login and password used to log into the Store.

At the place of registration (26-500 Szydłowiec, PL), the Seller does not provide for the possibility of personal collection of the purchased goods, nor the possibility of retail purchases.


The Sellers have intellectual property rights to the materials used in the Store, their copying and distribution without the consent and knowledge of the above-mentioned entity is prohibited.

Technical descriptions (oral part) in the Store are binding, and the Seller declares that they are consistent with the facts.

On the other hand, the graphics attached to the products are only illustrative, they are advertising graphics, they do not have to be a real representation of the product, ie "Real Photo". The Seller declares in a transparent and open manner that the graphics assigned to the products may present other elements (of a similar technical nature and appearance). This applies in particular to typically technical products, for which appearance is not the essence of the intended use of the product.
Therefore, slight discrepancies between the products and the graphics used, as long as they do not cause a clear change in the functionality of the product (in terms of its intended use) - will not constitute the basis for the implementation of a guarantee or warranty.


Users have the option of: using the Store, including placing orders (understood as offers to conclude a contract with the Seller), concluding Agreements, registering in the Store.
In the case of a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, registration in the Store as well as all other activities of this entity in the Store, can only be made by a person who is authorized to perform on behalf of this entity all activities related to the use of the Store (including registration) and to exercise all rights and obligations of this entity as a User (including the Buyer).
The Seller may request that the User's data be authenticated, including in the case of updating the User's data, by sending the required documents to the Seller.
In the event of any change to the User's data provided during registration, the User should update them before concluding another Agreement, using the appropriate form available in the Store.
Upon registration, a User account is created in the Store, constituting a collection of resources in which information about the User and about his activities within the Store in connection with the Agreements concluded are collected. As part of his account, the User has, inter alia, access to the history of your orders in the Store.


The User may place orders in the Store 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year, subject to the remaining provisions of the Regulations, in particular provisions regarding technical breaks.
Before placing an order, the User places the goods or services they wish to purchase in a virtual basket. The virtual basket is a tool that allows the User to aggregate selected goods / services before their purchase, convert the value of goods / services collected in the basket and calculate delivery costs. When selecting goods / services, the User may freely manage the contents of the basket by adding additional goods / services to the basket or removing them from the basket.
After the final selection of goods / services for purchase, the User is directed to the online form used to place orders in the Store. The order submission form may be composed of sub-forms used to determine:
delivery address,
the method of delivery,
method of payment for goods / services.

All the above information constituting a component of the Order is understood as an offer to conclude a contract with the Seller and do not constitute an Agreement in the direct sense. The contract is concluded after it is confirmed by the Seller.

The ordered goods / service will be delivered to the address indicated in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph.

The Ordering Party purchasing in the Store www.nordic-sklep.pl, consents to the processing of his personal data.
Placing an order constitutes an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, submitted by the User to the Seller. After receiving the order, the Seller verifies that the order has been placed correctly (in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations). If the Seller determines that the order has been placed incorrectly, the Seller will inform the User about it.
After submitting the correct order, the Seller shall immediately send the User the information about the acceptance of the order (acceptance of the offer, which is considered the conclusion of the contract) to the e-mail address provided when placing the order or during registration. The contract is concluded when the Seller sends the User the relevant information.
In the case of an Agreement for the provision of services, the Seller shall notify the Buyer of the minimum period for which the Agreement is to be concluded, if it concerns a continuous or periodic performance.

The seller retains the right to cancel the order (before confirming the conclusion of the contract).

The seller retains the right to cancel the contract in the event of gross errors in the offer (Art. 84 of the Civil Code, PL).


Payments for goods purchased in the Store by the Buyer or services ordered (price and delivery costs) are made using the payment tools available in the Store and on the terms specified by the Seller.
All prices in the Store are gross prices, including tax on goods and services (VAT) in the amount resulting from separate regulations. The costs of delivering goods / services to the User are provided separately (if they are required).
The user purchases goods and orders services according to prices and the amount of delivery costs in force at the time of placing the order. The amount of delivery costs depends on the delivery method chosen by the User.
The Seller reserves the right to change the prices and the amount of delivery costs, in particular in the event of a change in the price lists of services provided by entities performing deliveries. This provision does not apply to orders already completed.


The delivery takes place to the address indicated by the Buyer.
If the Seller can not perform the performance due to the fact that the goods or service are not available, he shall immediately, but not later than within thirty days from the conclusion of the Agreement, notify the Buyer and return the entire sum received from him, if any amount has already been paid.
If the Seller cannot perform a performance with the properties individually ordered by the Buyer due to a temporary inability to meet it, the Seller may, with the Buyer's consent, perform a substitute performance corresponding to the same quality and purpose and for the same price or remuneration or in a different manner agreed by the parties.
The Seller is not responsible for failure to deliver the goods for reasons attributable to the Buyer - e.g. as a result of indicating an incorrect delivery address.

At the place of registration (26-500 Szydłowiec, PL), the Seller does not provide the possibility of collecting the purchased goods or retail purchases.


Personal data of Users who are natural persons (including natural persons running a sole proprietorship) will be processed by the Seller as the administrator of personal data for the purpose of providing services by the Seller, as well as for marketing purposes related to the functioning of the Seller's enterprise, including the Store, as well as regarding services and goods presented in the Store. With regard to the personal data of Users registering in the Store. Providing your personal data by the User is voluntary.
The User's personal data may be made available to entities authorized to receive them under applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities. Users' personal data may also be transferred - to the extent necessary and required - to third parties, including entities performing activities on behalf of the Seller related to the Agreement concluded with the Buyer, including operators handling electronic payments for concluded Agreements or entities delivering ordered goods.
The Seller provides Users whose personal data are processed with the implementation of the rights under the Personal Data Protection Act, including the right to access and correct their own personal data, and the right to control the processing of their own personal data on the terms described in the Act.
As part of the exercise of the right to control the processing of his own personal data, the User has, in particular, the right to submit a written, motivated request to stop processing his data due to his special situation, as well as to object to the processing of his data when the Seller processes it when necessary for the fulfillment of legally justified purposes carried out by the Service Provider or when the Seller intends to process them for marketing purposes, or when the Seller provides the User's personal data to a data administrator other than the Seller.
Confidential information about Users, including Users' personal data, is protected by the Seller against their disclosure to unauthorized persons, as well as other cases of their disclosure or loss, and against destruction or unauthorized modification of the indicated data and information through the use of appropriate technical and organizational safeguards.

Information obligation under article 13 of the so-called GDPR provisions:

Here we provide information on the Client's rights related to the personal data processed by us. The legal basis is the provisions of Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. b and f REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC and your consent to their processing, which is understood as their administration to the store.
The administrator of your data is the entity running the store, the so-called Seller (see point II). Providing data is absolutely voluntary. Voluntarily provided personal data will be processed for order processing purposes, for which they are necessary. Failure to provide data means the inability to complete orders placed on the store and shall be read as resignation from them by the Buyers.

The buyer has the right to access their personal data, edit them, delete or limit processing, the right to transfer data and the right to object to their processing at any time. Your data will be stored for as long as it is necessary to perform all obligations resulting from the concluded cooperation, including those specified by law and to pursue claims.


The Buyer may submit complaints to the Seller regarding the Agreement.
Complaints should be submitted electronically using the contact form available in the Store or in writing to the address of the Seller. A correctly submitted complaint should contain at least: name, surname, address, e-mail address of the Buyer,
the date of conclusion of the Agreement constituting the basis for the complaint,
the subject of the complaint, indicating the Buyer's request,
all circumstances justifying the complaint,
The Buyer will be informed about the settlement of the complaint by e-mail or traditional mail.


Pursuant to the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, the Buyer who is a consumer may withdraw from the Agreement in writing without giving reasons within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

On the basis of separate provisions and on the basis of the Seller's decision - the Seller also accepts the right to withdraw from the contract within 30 days of receipt of the goods, without giving any reason in relation to buyers who are not Consumers, i.e. companies, including both natural persons and legal persons. / companies (applies to orders that were placed after December 31, 2020).

In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, the Agreement is considered void. What the parties have testified is returned unchanged, unless the change was necessary within the ordinary management. It is understood as returning the goods intact.

In the case of NORDIC TEC brand products, this means that even if the product is installed in the installation for a short time, the product will not conform to its intact condition. In this case, the Buyer, in accordance with the regulations, must return the item before its assembly.

In the case of returning a used item, the Seller may accept it, deciding unilaterally to refund the incomplete amount. If the item is not suitable for resale as new, unused - a significant part of the Buyer's fee, even up to 95% of the value, may be deducted from the return.

The return should be made immediately, not later than within fourteen days.

The cost of returning the goods to the Seller shall be borne by the Buyer. In the event of failure to collect the parcel by the Recipient, on the basis of refusal to accept it - with simultaneous withdrawal from the contract, the Seller shall deduct the cost of returning the item to the Seller from the amount returned to the Buyer. In this case, the fact that the Seller offers free delivery is irrelevant (it only applies to delivery from the Seller to the Buyer).

The Buyer may not withdraw from the Agreement:

    in the case of the purchase of goods or services with the properties specified by the Buyer in the order placed by him or closely related to his person (goods to order, not included in the permanent offer)
    in the case of the purchase of goods or services which, due to their nature, cannot be returned or whose subject quickly deteriorates,

As long as the purchased goods are covered by a guarantee, e.g. by the manufacturer, importer, Seller, etc., the scope of which is confirmed by the guarantee document issued together with the goods (issued on request), irrespective of other complaint rights, the Buyer may file a complaint referring to the scope of the guarantee granted.
The warranty may be revoked / canceled if the product is not used in accordance with its intended use or if its operational parameters are exceeded, including, in particular, the permissible operating pressure.


The Seller is not responsible for the lack of access to the Store due to factors of force majeure.

The Seller reserves the right to interruptions in access to the Store caused by its technical service, maintenance works or work on improving the functionality of the Store. At the same time, the Seller undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the above-mentioned breaks take place at night and last as short as possible.


The Seller reserves the right to change the provisions of the Regulations. The change comes into force upon the publication of the amended Regulations on the Store's website in relation to the Store, in which the Sales Agreement or the Agreement for the provision of services (one-off) is concluded, subject to the provisions of point XII.3 of the Regulations.

The amendment to the Regulations does not apply to Agreements concluded before the entry into force of the new Regulations. In the case of concluding the Agreements referred to in the preceding point, after the entry into force of the amended Regulations, the Buyer will be asked to accept the new Regulations.

In the case of Stores in which the Agreement for the provision of services of a continuous or periodic nature is concluded, the amendment to the Regulations shall enter into force on the date indicated by the Seller, but not earlier than 45 days from the date of publication of the amended Regulations on the Store's website and simultaneous notification of including Users to the e-mail address assigned to the account.

If the content of the new Regulations is not accepted, the User has the option to terminate the Agreement for the provision of services of a continuous or periodic nature in the manner provided for in point X.5 of the Regulations.

If the periodic service expires during the notice period, the Agreement will be terminated at that moment and will not be extended for another period.

In all matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of generally applicable Polish law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, the Act on the provision of electronic services, as well as the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by the product. dangerous.

Any disputes between the parties resolved by the competent common court competent for the seat of the Seller.

These regulations come into force from 2017-04-27, as amended.
Last updated - December 31, 2020.

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