Plate heat exchangers for central heating systemsHeat Exchangers from Ba-12 series: the smallest series by Nordic Tec

PHE in this series have a 191x73mm plate size (i.e. 0.012m² of active heat transfer area for a single plate). The nominal flow is up to 4 m³/h. Usually these models are equipped with 3/4" connections. The maximum working pressure is 10 bar, which makes these devices predestined for liquid applications.

The Ba-12 exchanger can be purchased in a version from 12 to 50 plates. Smaller models in this series (e.g. Ba-12-12 and Ba-12-20) are probably the smallest available models on the European market, rather not intended for operation of heating systems as a whole, but for additional heating circuits or other purposes. On the other hand, 30-, 40- and 50-plate models are already used to support some heat sources as a whole, such as smaller heating boilers or fireplaces.

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