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Nordic tec

A European company, known mainly in Central and Eastern Europe - as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality stainless steel products.

The most recognizable product of the brand is - brazed plate heat exchanger (known as PHE), which the company offers as complete equipment with accessories, like thermal insulation or professional wall-mounting kit. Except this we offer other goods clasified as HVAC articles - like pump groups, central heating manifolds and water sterilisers. Our mission is to offer the products complete - without the necessity of buying any elements separately. We appreciate your time and we consider this imporant.

The company mainly sells wholesale and cooperates with regular recipients in a number of European Union countries.
However our main goal is to ensure that our Customers from different countries have easy and relatively quick acces to our products.
To this end - we offer online stores & services with the possibility of retail purchases and a relatively fast shipping option (up to a few days to practically all EU countries, thanks to our warehouses, which are located in Germany and Poland.). Our online services are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Polish and Czech.

If you have already visited our store - - we invite you to check our products and contact us. We will try to answer all your questions!

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