Central heating manifolds for UFH - Nordic Tec

The category contains hydraulic distributors of central heating, completed, containing cutt-off valves with temperature measurement (plug-in thermometers), ventilation and drain valves, flowmeters and frames. A complete set, optionally you can buy it with PEX connectors.

The presence of rotameters means that the most common use is underfloor heating, but in practice they can also be used with radiators.

We offer classic variants when it comes to the number of circuits - that is, 2 to 12 circuits.
Our manifolds are made of brass MS58, chromed.


Underfloor heating manifold - angled valves

The underfloor heating manifold from this category are equipped with angled valves. This equipment is really useful in some underfloor configurations, especially if we got not too much space and when the underfloor heating supply comes fromthe bottom (or fromthe top). It let us adjust the supply directly exactly with the angle which we need.

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