Nordic Tec Products Catalog

Among our products, you will find a variety of HVAC products, generally in stainless steel or in other similar materials. We deliver our products throughout Europe, also outside the European Union.

Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) - our main product, the most recognizable. Different types, different series, as well as the possibility of buying accessories for the device directly overall.

Shell&Tube Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel - mainly for heating swimming pools or large tanks, but also for cooling.

Shell&Tube Heat Exchangers - Titanium - designed to operate with aggressive fluids.

UV Water Sterilizers - with PHILIPS UV-C bulbs. Sets intended for direct assembly. Our goal is to deliver the full product, you have nothing to buy separately.

Central Heating Manifolds - We offer complete sets, with the temperature and flow control option as well as cutt-off and ventilation valves

and other HVAC articles like Pump Groups or PHE Accessories.

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