UV Water Steriliser NT UV165W-PH 165W 36GPM

UV Water Steriliser NT UV165W-PH 165W 36GPM

UV Light Steriliser - TUV Filter by Nordic Tec with Philips filament

UV165W-PH - 36 GPM for potable water treatment

Bulb - 3x PHILIPS TUV 55W G55 T8 (<8-10 000h lifetime)

Steel chamber dimensions: 965mm x ⌀133mm

Connections: 1 1/2"

Flowrate for UV Dose 400 J/ m² (potable water) - 100 l/min

Working Voltage - 220-240V / 50-60Hz (EU plug)

Recommanded water temperature range - from +2 to +45°C

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UV water filter / Sterilizer - NORDIC TEC UV 165W-PH

A UV lamp set for water - with 3 Philips filaments

Details of the set:

  • Steel chamber (tube) with legs, all made of acid-resistant steel S304.

The chamber has approaches to 3 UV filaments after 55W - as well as entrance and exit for water

  • Dimensions of the steel tube: 965mm x ⌀133mm (dimension does not take into account the legs)
  • Contains 3 filaments in the set and 3 tubes (Quartz) for protecting filaments
  • Connections: 1 1/2 "
  • Nominal flow:

at UVC 300J/m² dose - 8.10 m3/h
at UVC 400J/m² dose - 6.00 m3/h

  • Working pressure - up to 10 bar

It is a sufficient pressure for water filtration in most systems

  • Transformer with a grounding cable in the set (230 V), equipped with diodes signaling the need to replace the filament

  • UV lamp adapted to long work for a long time without turning off.

If you don't know how to choose the UV light for your house - let us know, we'll help you.

Avoid direct eye and skin contact with UV radiation.
This means that it is absolutely forbidden to turn on the UV lamp when it is not covered with a steel tube.


What UV water sterilization requires - to be effective:

  • What should be the water temperature if we want to treat it with UV?
    Water cannot be hot - because then it becomes cloudy, less transparent, making UV radiation less effective in combating algae and microorganisms. Water should have between 2 ° C and 45 ° C
  • Can you sterilize water from your own well with a sterilizer?
    Yes, this is the most common use. However, there is a recommendation that the iron content in water does not exceed 0.3 mg/l. This requirement is always filled when it comes to water from the public network, not always in the case of private wells. If you exceed the norm, you can think about pre-treatment.
  • Can water be dirty before sterilization?
    Exposing with a UV lamp eliminates bacteria, fungi, algae, which also loses all unpleasant odors or greenish color. However, it must be visually transparent, otherwise the process may be less effective, and in addition, dirt could settle on a glass tube and lead to the burning of the filament. There should be mechanical filters in front of the lamp. Permissible value of water turbidity up to 1NT.
  • Can you use UV lamps with hard water?
    Yes. We allow water hardness to <120mg/l when it comes to magnesium and calcium ions. This means that hard water can also be used for consumption, because groundwater rarely exceed this value. However, of course, as in the case of any household appliances (e.g. washing machine) or any part mounted in the hydraulic system, the softened water is healthier and ensures longer life life. Regardless - if the water is extremely hard - it is recommended to soften it, but this does not mean that the sterilizer cannot be used.

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