Hydraulic Separator 50 kW with thermometer & manometer
Hydraulic Separator 60 kW with thermometer & manometer + insulation
Hydraulic Separator 50 kW with thermometer & manometer
Hydraulic Separator 60 kW with thermometer & manometer + insulation

Low Loss Header 50 kW with thermometer & manometer

NORDIC TEC Hydraulic separator - Low Loss Header SNT-A-70 for heating

Low Loss Header - Hydraulic Separation system with thermal insulation
with thermometer & pressure gauge

  • Low Loss Header designed for connecting 2 circuits on 1" (DN25) size.
  • Hydraulic Separation set equipped with temperature measurement (thermometer) and pressure measurement (manometer / pressure gauge).
  • Fitted with a drain valve and an air vent valve (included)
Reference: SNT-A-70
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Hydraulic Separator - Low Loss Header DETAILS:

  • Maximum recommended installation capacity: up to 50 kW.
  • Maximum recommended flow rate: up to 4.2 m³/h.
  • Connection size with nut: 1" internal thread.
  • Connection sizes for drain valve and air vent valve: 1/2".
  • Maximum recommended operating temperature: <90°C.
  • Maximum safe working pressure: up to 10 bar.
  • Construction: Stainless steel + galvanized steel.
  • Thermal insulation for heat loss reduction: Expanded polypropylene foam (EPP).
  • Wall mounting elements are included in the set

The principle of operation of a low loss header for central heating

Generally the principle is to automatically balance the pressure between two circuits in the heating system...

The purpose of this low loss header is to mix the fluids that come into it from two independent circuits inside its steel body. The mixing itself is not the goal, but it leads to balancing the pressure in the central heating system in both connected circuits. This provides a balanced installation, which is crucial for the economic operation of heating devices, particularly gas or electric boilers, as well as circulation pumps . Additionally, pressure balancing results in lower wear and tear on this type of equipment.

The balancing of the working pressure in the installation occurs because the inlets on the low loss header body - called as well the hydarulic separator - are not aligned (in relation to each other). As a result, mixing occurs spontaneously, so there is no need to use additional partitions or screens in this type of hydraulic separator.

Mounting the hydraulic separator in a boiler room

Mounting of the hydraulic separator can be in a vertical or horizontal position. However, we recommend mounting our low loss pressures vertically, because this position allows you to use accessories such as a vent and a drain valve with a tap - which is impossible in the horizontal position.

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