Hydraulic Separator Low Loss Pressure Nordic Tec with 2 heating cirlces manifold
Hydraulic Separator with 2 heating cirlces manifold
Hydraulic Separator with 2 heating cirlces manifold with pumps
Hydraulic Separator Low Loss Pressure Nordic Tec with 2 heating cirlces manifold
Hydraulic Separator with 2 heating cirlces manifold
Hydraulic Separator with 2 heating cirlces manifold with pumps

Low Loss Header with 2 heating circuit manifold

Nordic Tec Low Loss Header with flow distributor set for central heating - for 2 heating sections

Low-Loss Header with a manifold of 2 circuits - set on a mounting plate, fully equipped with a prepared space for circulation pumps

The hydraulic seprator set combined with the manifold / circulation collector performs better than a traditional separator, due to the fact that the collector beams reinforce the clutch function, creating an additional neutral zone from the perspective of circulation pumps.

  • Low loss header mounted on a plate for ready wall installation, sized at 45 x 50cm (length x height).
  • Connections for installation and circulation, with a size of 1" - factory equipped with a nut and a 25mm PEX connector.
  • Hydraulic Separation by Low Loss Header power - up to 70 kW with a temperature difference of 15K, while the entire set can handle 85 kW.
  • Includes a drain valve and automatic air vent for installation on the hydraulic separator body.
  • Accessories connections for the separator corpus, such as air vent and drain valve - 1/2" - internal threads.
  • Maximum flow rate of 6.0 m3/h.
  • Permissible operating temperature for the central heating system is <100°C.
  • Suitable for use with glycol - recommended concentration of up to 50%.
  • Separator body and distribution manifolds made of galvanized steel. Entire set painted black with powder coating.
  • Designed for use with 2 standard pumps, i.e. circulation pumps with a mounting width of 180mm (such as 25-40 180, 25-60 180, 25-80 180, etc.).
  • Also includes a set of 4 solid 80mm mounting pegs.
  • The set does not include circulation pumps.


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What are low loss headers sets combined with flow manifolds / distributors used for?

This is a product called as well a hydraulic separator - that is slightly more complex than a standard low loss header, offering significantly greater possibilities. It is primarily used in situations where there is a need to balance pressures and temperatures to improve heating efficiency ( which the low loss header accomplishes ) - but at the same time, there is a need to distribute heating to more than 1 circuit - by a hydraulic manifold. In this case we talk about the variant with manifold for 2 circuits

This situation can occur in various configurations, of which we will mention a few examples:

  • central heating in a house or other building based partly on radiators and partly on underfloor heating - in this case, in order to ensure the appropriate pressures, they need to be separated.
  • heating of a house based on underfloor heating - which, due to the size or layout of the building, is divided into 2 or 3 additional main circuits (independent of the minor loops of underfloor heating distributors). This situation occurs, for example, when the building has 2 floors (then dividing the circuit into 2 independent circuits ensures adequate flows and pressures on both floors), but also in the case of single-storey buildings of a certain size (then 2 independent circuits allow avoiding surprises such as weaker heating in the last room, etc.).
  • similarly to the above - dividing circuits based solely on radiator heating into sub-circuits, allowing for balanced flows in each part of the installation.
  • separating the heating system (the loop that heats our radiators or underfloor heating) from DHW (the loop that heats the hot water tank).

What does a low loss header set with flow distribution manifolds of heating circuits provide?

  • using a ready-made set containing all necessary elements and valves already assembled to some extent saves a lot of time. No need to assemble individual elements separately.
  • a wall-mounted mounting plate with pre-known dimensions allows for excellent planning of work when building a heating system and space in the boiler room.
  • the boiler room and connection system are planned according to clear and very legible diagrams, which will be important in the future when servicing or operating the heating by other people.
  • we can be sure that our central heating system is well balanced regardless of the number of heating circuits, better than in the case of using only a central heating separator (distributing collectors enhance the function of the clutch).
  • it protects our heat source from the so-called cold return - potentially more effectively than a single clutch without a collector (including a clutch with multiple circuits).

This offer is for a hydraulic separator / low loss header set on a plate - prepared for splitting the system into 2 receiving circuits.

In our offer you will also find a low loss header set on a mounting plate with a manifold prepared for 3 pumps and 3 heated circuits.

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