Insulated Hydraulic Separator 2 circuits - 40 kW
Classic Hydraulic Separator for 2 circuits - 50 kW
Thermal Insulation IZ-Ba-23-40
Classic Low Loss Header for 2 circuits - 50 kW
Insulated Hydraulic Separator 2 circuits - 40 kW
Classic Hydraulic Separator for 2 circuits - 50 kW
Thermal Insulation IZ-Ba-23-40
Classic Low Loss Header for 2...

Classic Low Loss Header for 2 circuits - 50 kW

Nordic Tec Hydraulic Separator - Low Loss Header for balancing pressures & temperatures in a central heating systems

The hydraulic separator - low loss header kit includes accessories - such as a drain valve, air vent, and wall mounting elements

  • Installation qonnections for 1"
  • connections for 1/2" for drain & ventilation valve
  • Flow rate of < 4.8 m3/h.
  • Max. power of 50 kW at ΔT = 15K.
  • Maximum work temperature - 110°C.
  • Can work - Max. glycol concentration 50%
  • The separator body is made of galvanized steel - S304.
  • Polyethylene insulation

Reference: Sp50x1
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How does a hydraulic Separator work in a heating system - and why is it installed?

The hydraulic separator is always connected to the supply and return pipes from the boiler (or other heat source) and an additional supply and return pipe that connects the separator to the heating system. This way, the boiler and heating system circuits are separated but still connected by the steel chamber of a separator, where the water is still mixed.

In some cases, the flow of water in the heating system can deviate significantly from the desired flow rate from the boiler's perspective. The causes can be various, often related to the building's characteristics or size. In such situations, the clutch can help adjust the flow rate on the boiler side, balancing the system by dividing it into two parts but not separating it (as would be the case with a heat exchanger).

Hydraulic clutches (or separators) work very well in buildings with underfloor heating. Its characteristic feature is that there are no significant temperature differences between the underfloor heating supply and return temperatures.

Hydraulic separators can also be very useful in systems where a modern boiler, such as a condensing boiler, is the heat source. These boilers are usually wall-mounted and have a built-in pump that automatically starts when the boiler is running. These boilers have a small water capacity, so the flow rate of water must be maintained at the proper level. By separating the further parts of the installation with the clutch, we can ensure that the appropriate flow rate is maintained on the boiler side.

Low loss header Gas heating - Nordic Tec

Hydraulic separation for 2 heating circuits are sometimes essential in heating systems - where a condensing gas boiler serves as the main heat source. Such boilers are typically wall-mounted and come with a built-in pump - that automatically activates - when the gas heating starts operating (controlled by a programmer or controller). Since modern gas boilers have a small water capacity, it is necessary to maintain the correct flow rate of water to allow them to operate efficiently - with relatively low gas consumption -- without the risk of unnecessary shutdowns and restarts (which are energy-consuming). With Hydraulic Separation the remaining parts of the heating system using a 2-circuit low loss header, we can ensure an adequate flow rate on the boiler side.

Efficient hydraulic separator - low loss header for modern heating systems

The application of low loss header to a gas boiler is a highly efficient solution for modern heating systems, especially in large and extensive setups. These 2 components work together to ensure optimal heat transfer and energy - efficient heating of the whole system.

A hydraulic separator - low loss header with 2 heating circuits functions as a distributor, allowing the division of the heating load into two circuits. This is particularly useful in larger buildings or situations where different heat requirements exist- such as a combination of underfloor heating and radiators in different rooms or varying temperature needs in different areas. The low loss header for a gas boiler enables independent control and regulation of heat flow in each circuit to meet individual needs.

A condensing boiler ( gas-fired modern boiler ) is an advanced heating system gaining popularity due to its high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. This type of boiler uses energy - that is typically lost in exhaust gases by cooling the gases and condensing the water vapor they contain. This process captures additional heat and significantly reduces fuel consumption by the boiler, distinguishing it from older types of gas boilers. Condensing boilers are usually wall-mounted and come equipped with a built-in pump that automatically operates during its operation.

Low Loss Header for a condensing boiler - benefits

The combination of a hydraulic separation bottle - like our low loss header and a condensing boiler offers several benefits. By using a hydraulic separator with 2 circuits, the water flow on the boiler side is maintained - as condensing boilers typically have a small water capacity. The heating separator allows for an even distribution of water to the 2 heating circuits - ensuring efficient heat delivery throughout the whole building. It is 100% reliable, as it is based on a paradoxically - very simple technology.

Furthermore, the low loss header for a condensing boiler enables precise control and adjustment of heating power. Each heating circuit can be independently regulated and has its own pump to meet the individual requirements of each room. This leads to better energy efficiency,  as only the amount of heat needed is generated.

In summary - the combination of a low loss header with a condensing boiler is a good solution for modern heating systems. These two components work together seamlessly and provide efficient heat delivery and individual temperature control in every room. When planning a heating system serious consideration should be given to using a separator in conjunction with a condensing boiler. It can be the solution you are looking for - whether you have underfloor heating or radiators, as it is universal in those terms.

Low Loss Header for underfloor heating - 2 heating circuits

The use of a low loss header for underfloor heating allows for efficient and comfortable room heating.  Particularly in spaces where UFH (underfloor heating) is employed, with the option of dividing the central heating system into 2 heating circuits. This system is beneficial. Especially in larger rooms or buildings where there are diverse heating requirements, such as specific zones within the independent underfloor heating loops.

The low loss header for 2 heating circuits serves as a kind of " distributor" - enabling independent control of the circuits and allowing for individual heat adjustment in different areas of the building. This is particularly useful .. when different temperatures are needed in specific rooms, such as living and sleeping areas, which becomes a standard. In the case of underfloor heating that spans multiple small sections, balancing pressures and temperatures in the systems is of crucial importance. Many installers consider a low loss header for underfloor heating to be an essential component in many cases. Especially in medium or larger houses & buildings, which tend to lose the heating balance more often than very small ones.

Optimal heat balancing - in a system with 2 heating circuits

Underfloor heating is an excellent choice for modern homes. Due to its high comfort - and even heat distribution. By placing heating loops under the floor, heat is directly emitted into the room, eliminating cold spots and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

A low loss header for underfloor heating acts as an intelligent distributor. It regulates the water flow between the 2 heating circuits. This ensures that each loop or heating section receives the appropriate amount of heat - while maintaining optimal heat delivery throughout the building.

In short words combining a separation system with underfloor heating is an ideal solution for efficient and comfortable heating. It also promotes optimal energy consumption by the heat source (such as a heat pump or gas boiler), which is crucial in today's world and directly impacts utility bills.

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