Hydraulic Separator SNT25 on the plate
Hydraulic Separator SNT25 on the plate for 6 outlets
Hydraulic Separator SNT25 on the plate
Hydraulic Separator SNT25 on the plate for 6 outlets

Hydraulic Separator SNT25 on the plate

Hydraulic Separator CO - SNT25 on a plate with accessories for a 180mm circulation pump
with drain valve and air vent

  • Embedded on a brushed steel plate (mirror) in the size of 60x50cm.
  • Connections for installation and circulation - in the size of 1" with a nut and rubber seal included in the set.
  • Coupling fittings GW 1/2" (referring to outlets for air vent valve and drain valve).
  • Air vent valve and drain valve are included in the set.
  • Maximum flow rate of 4.0 m3/h.
  • Power up to 70 kW at ΔT = 15K.
  • Allowable working temperature of hydraulic coupling < 110°C.
  • Possible operation with glycol - recommended concentration below 50%.
  • The body of the separator is galvanized steel.
  • Polypropylene insulation (thermal insulation) for the separator is included in the set.
  • Suitable for standard pumps 25-40-180, 25-60-180, etc. The size of the pump connection (prepared for 25) and the mounting width of the pump (180mm) are important.
Reference: SNT25-b
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NORDIC TEC Hydraulic Separator for central heating on a wall-mounting plate

  • What distinguishes it:

It is a product ready for installation with the connection accessories for the circulation pump already arranged. This greatly helps to plan the installation work in the boiler room.

  • What is a hydraulic separator used for:

In mixed central heating systems (i.e., those with both radiators and underfloor heating), couplings are used to allow separate circulation for the underfloor heating and radiator systems. This helps to balance the pressure and temperature in both systems, without causing flow imbalances that can occur when separate pumps are used for each system. The hydraulic coupling balances the flow rates throughout the building, and without it, the circulation pump in the boiler would not be able to meet the heating requirements, leading to insufficient heating in certain rooms or parts of the system.

A hydraulic coupling is not a heat exchanger because it does not completely separate the circuits but allows the fluids to mix. However, this can be an advantage in many cases because the temperature is also balanced in the coupling, protecting heating devices such as gas boilers or pellet boilers from "cold return," which occurs when the water returns to the system overly cooled. This phenomenon can significantly shorten the life of heating equipment in poorly designed systems.

If the hydraulic coupling on the plate is unsuitable due to a lack of space in the boiler room, you can also check our couplings that can be purchased separately.

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