Wort Chiller Beer Cooler by NORDIC Tec Ba-23-50 -  plate heat exchanger

Wort Chiller Beer Cooler NORDIC Tec Ba-23-50

Wort Cooler for Home Brewing / 50-Plate Heat Exchanger
NORDIC TEC Ba-23-50 with 50 plates

Number of plates: 50
Connectors: 3/4" BSP, DN20 - with external threads
Cooling Area: 1.15 m²
Material: Stainless Steel 316L - allowed for food industry applications
No immersion cooling unit

The 50-plate wort cooler - a unit of a plate heat exchanger for wort cooling applications. The plate heat exchangers for bigger home brewing sessions, to optimise the process of cooling wort directly from the hot kettle. For maximum performance we recommed this beer chiller for sessions up to 60-65 liters.

Reference: Wort Chiller Ba-23-50
Condition New

Wort Cooler, Beer Chiller for Home Brewing / Steel Heat Exchanger
Nordic Tec Ba-23-50

  • Easy to clean
  • Very long service life, for years
  • Counter-courent flow cooler, no immersion
  • Gravity work, no circulation pump needed

How does a plate heat exchanger Ba-23-50 work as a wort cooler?

Wort chillers by Nordic Tec are engineered to optimise the cooling process - and lower quickly the temperature of beer wort - during its transfer to the fermenter. Cooling wort is a key process to save time, to attain the optimal temperature for fermentation start. The boiled wort is hot (can achieve 100-110 °C) and then passes through the plate heat exchanger channel - which is used as a cooler (despite of the fact that traditionally it's often used in heating systems). In the mean time through the second channel flows the tap water which is basically cold (10-15oC). This causes the wort temperature decrease while water temperature rises (heating the water from our perspective is not so important here). The process of wort cooling is quick and it's not a problem to cool down the wort from 100 or even 110 °C to cca 20 °C. Thanks to the big plate cooling area we don't need to waste a lot of water for this - that's why Ba-23-50 is a better unit for this than smaller ones.

The Ba-23-50 Wort Chiller with a surface of 1.15m² is a solution dedicated rather for experienced and frequent brewers than for beginners. If you only start your home brewing adventure - you probably don't need such a big unit at this stage and you can consider the model Ba-23-30 with 30 plates

Wort Chiller Nordic Tec Ba-23-50 - Dimensions:

Wort Chiller Ba-23-50 technical drawing with 50 plates

Length A - 315 mm
Width B - 73 mm
Depth F - 120 mm (50 plates)
Distance C - 278 mm
Distance D - 40 mm

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