Wort Chiller Beer Cooler NORDIC Tec Ba-23-40 -  plate heat exchanger for beer making

Wort Chiller Beer Cooler NORDIC Tec Ba-23-40

Wort Chiller for Home Brewing / Plate Heat Exchanger
NORDIC TEC Ba-23-40 with 40 plates

Number of plates: 40
Connectors: 3/4" BSP, DN20 - with external threads
Cooling Area: 0.92 m²
Material: Stainless Steel 316L - allowed for food industry applications
No immersion cooling model

The 40-plate unit of a heat exchanger for cooling applications, used in homebrewing as a wort chiller. This model is destinated for quite experienced brewers, which make bigger wort volumes per one session - even for all brewers wanting to decrease the potential cooling water volume needed for chilling down the hot wort.

For maximum performance we recommed this wort chiller for sessions up to 45-55 liters

Reference: Ba-23-40
Condition New

Wort Cooler, Beer Chiller for Home Brewing / Steel Heat Exchanger
Nordic Tec Ba-23-40

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Veryt long service life, for years
  • Counter-courent flow cooler, no immersion
  • Gravity work, no circulation pump needed

What does a plate heat exchanger or wort chiller Ba-23-40 change in home brewing?

Nordic Tec produces wort chillers - that are specifically engineered to lower significantly the temperature of beer wort, when it is being transferred from the hot kettle to the final fermenter. Cooling beer wort is crucial in order to attain the optimal temperature for fermentation to occur. The wort is heated to about 100 till 110 °C during boiling and then passes through the wort chiller, moving in the opposite direction of the cooling medium (known as the "counter-current or counter-flow low" principle). This causes the temperature of the wort to gradually decrease while the cooling medium's temperature rises. The process of cooling is very efficient - and it's not a problem to cool down the wort from 100 °C to cca 20 °C without using big volume of tap water (the most often used and most accessible cooling medium)

How to size a wort chiller for my need in home brewing? How many plates should it have?

When considering the size of plate heat exchangers, in character of a wort chiller as well, the critical aspect to evaluate is their heat transfer area (in this application we can call it cooling area) in comparison to other models. This involves examining the active cooling area or the overall area covered by the plates. The efficiency of the unit in chilling applications improves as the surface area increases. Plate heat exchanger models with a greater cooling area will also need a smaller amount of tap water (cooling medium) to cool down a particular volume of beer.

The number of plates of wort chiller doesn't really say much about its performance or possibilities - unless we know we compare the heat exchanger with exactly the same plate area. Comparing chillers from different producers we should take into account the final heat transfer area and not the plate quantity.

This heat exchanger with a surface of 0.92m² is really enough even for more experience or frequent home brewers.

Wort Cooler Nordic Tec Ba-23-40 - Dimensions:

Wort Chiller Ba-23-20 technical drawing

Length A - 315 mm
Width B - 73 mm
Depth F - 97 mm
Distance C - 278 mm
Distance D - 40 mm

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