Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Tec Ba-23-30 wort chiller

Wort Chiller Beer Cooler NORDIC Tec Ba-23-30

Plate Heat Exchanger / Wort Cooler for Home Brewing
NORDIC TEC Ba-23-30 with 30 plates

Number of plates: 30 
Connectors: 3/4" BSP - with external threads
Cooling Area: 0.69 m²
Material: Stainless Steel 316L - allowed to be used with food industry
No immersion cooling

The 30-plate steel heat exchanger - recommended as for cooling - as a wort chiller. This model is destinated both for beginners and for a bit more experienced home brewers.
Very efficient, very good solution for brewing sessions with up to 35-40 liters of beer volume.

Reference: NT Ba-23-30
Condition New

Wort Cooler for Home-Brewing / Steel Heat Exchanger
Nordic Tec Ba-23-30

  • Wort Cooler Beer chillers by Nordic TecClassic size of wort chiller for the most popular volumes of wort to cool down
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Veryt long service life, even used intensively
  • Type of work - counter-couren flow chiller, no immersion
  • Gravity work, no pumps are needed

What does a wort chiller Ba-23-30 do in home brewing or wort chilling?

The heat exchangers manufactured by Nordic Tec are designed to cool down the temperature of the beer wort during the transfer from the kettle to the fermenter. This wort cooling process is necessary to achieve the correct temperature for the fermentation process to begin. The wort is heated to around 100-115°C during boiling - and then flows through the wort chiller in the opposite direction of the cooling medium (also known as the "counter-current flow" rule). As a result - the temperature of the wort gradually decreases while the temperature of the cooling medium increases.

How to size a steel heat exchanger - or wort chiller for home brewing?

When it comes to the size of plate heat exchangers, the important factor is to compare their heat transfer area with that of other models. This means looking at the active cooling area, or simply the total area of the plates. The larger the surface area, the more efficient the unit will be at cooling applications. Plate heat exchanger models with a larger cooling area will also require less tap water (cooling medium) to cool down a given volume of beer.

This heat exchanger with a surface of 0.69m² fullfils the conditions of being one of the most classic heat exchangers for this. The relation between the parameters, efficiency and the price seems to be optimal for the majority of home brewers. This makes this model the best-seller among the heat exchangers advertised as wort coolers.

Wort Cooler Nordic Tec Ba-23-30 - Dimensions:

Wort Chiller Ba-23-30 technical drawing

Length A - 315 mm
Width B - 73 mm
Depth F - 76 mm
Distance C - 278 mm
Distance D - 40 mm

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