plate heat exchanger wort chiller Ba-23-20 Nordic Tec

Wort Chiller Beer Cooler NORDIC Tec Ba-23-20

Plate Heat Exchanger / Wort Chiller for Home Brewing - NORDIC TEC Ba-23-20 with 20 plates

Number of plates: 20
Connectors: 3/4" BSP with external threads
Cooling Area: 0.46 m²
Material: Stainless Steel 316L, allowed to be used with food industry
No immersion chiller

The beer wort chiller intended for the begginers, very efficient for small home brewing session, in cooling the wort volumes like 25 litres per one time.

Reference: NT Ba-23-20
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Wort Chiller for beer home brewing by Nordic TecWort Chiller for Homebrew - Nordic Tec Ba-23-20

  • Destinated for begginers and small home brewing
  • The device remains east to clean and maintain
  • Long service life
  • Type of work - counter-couren flow chiller, no immersion
  • No need of pumps, the exchanger is prepared for gravity work

What does a plate wort chiller Ba-23-20 do in a homebrew

Nordic Tec heat exchangers - wort chillers - are used to cool down the temperature of the beer wort - as it moves from the kettle to the fermenter. This is necessary to achieve the appropriate temperature for the fermentation process to start. The hot wort is boiled up to cca 100-105 °C and then passed through the wort chiller in a direction opposite to that of the cooling medium (this way the unit works with so called "counter-courent flow rule").  As a result, the temperature of the wort gradually goes down -  while the temperature of the cooling medium increases.

How to choose a plate heat exchanger for home brewing or wort chilling?

The key to size is comparing the heat transfer area of the PHE with other models. In other words it is the active cooling area of a wort chiller - or - just the total area of plates. The bigger surface it is - the more efficient this wort chiller will be in cooling application. The PHE models with bigger cooling area will need as well less tap water ( cooling medium ) in order to cool down a given volume of wort/beer.

Our recommendation is to use the plate heat exchanger - chiller - with 0.45 - 0.50 m² for small home brewing sessions, which means in most cases the need of cooling down 20-25 liters of wort. If you are sure that you plan to do it frequently or you'd like to cool down bigger volumes pre one session - it's worth to consider using another units - then Plate Chiller Ba-23-30 with 0.69 m² or Ba-23-40 with 0.92 m².

Wort Chiller Ba-23-20 - Dimensions:

Wort Chiller Ba-23-20 technical drawing

Length A - 315 mm
Width B - 73 mm
Depth F - 54 mm
Distance C - 278 mm
Distance D - 40 mm

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