Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-12-30 3/4" 65kW
Plate Heat Exchanger for boiler 3/4"
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-12-30 3/4" 65kW
Plate Heat Exchanger for boiler 3/4"

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-12-30 3/4" 65kW

Brazed 30-Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC TEC Ba-12-30 3/4"

Plate Q'ty: 30 pcs.
Connections: 3/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.36m²
The nominal power: 65 kW (high parameters)

The 30-plate heat exchanger with a plate surface area of 0.36m² . The Ba-12-30 30-plate heat exchanger is suitable for connecting small heating devices to the central heating system, for linking small closed and open systems. The Nordic Tec Ba-12-30 heat exchanger is available (optionally) with thermal insulation and wall mounting (mounting kit) - the accessory selection menu for the heat exchanger is located above the price.

Reference: NT Ba-12-30
Condition New
Accessories for PHE
  • Exchanger only (without accesories)
  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
  • With Thermal Insulation
  • Full Set (with Insulation&Wall-mounting with Fittings)
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Heat Exchanger  Nordic Tec Ba-12-30  - 4x 3/4", with 30 plates

The 30-plate version of a Heat Exchanger Ba-12 by Nordic Tec. Look below to check the technical data.

PHE / fireplaces 12kw

Technical details:

- Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu

- Connections: 4x 3/4", BSP

- Working Pressure - <10 bar

- Test Pressure - 20 bar

- Max. temperature +230°C

- Flowrate - 4 m³/h

- Heat Exchange Surface - 0.360 m²
Ba-12 PHE Heat Exchange Area

The Heat Exchanger Ba-12-30 model by Nordic Tec in practise

The surface of the 0.36m² plates is large enough, e.g. to connect the open and sealed system, when we want to connect, for example, a fireplace with a 12 kW water jacket, similar to connecting small boilers (for example eco-pea coal or gas with a power of 12 - 14 kW). The 30-plate heat exchanger Ba-12-30 can also work with electric stoves - where it will successfully heat a house/apartment with an area of up to 120m².

The heat exchanger due to too small size is not intended to operate the entire central heating in large residential facilities, but it can possibly operate small single-family houses or apartment.

Dimensions of a BPHE Ba-12-30 for fireplaces
(A) -
191 mm
(B) -
73 mm
(F) -
75 mm
(C) -
154 mm
(D) -
40 mm

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