Gas Water Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-50-F
R32 Gas Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-50-F 3,40m²
Gas Water Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-50-F
R32 Gas Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-50-F 3,40m²

Gas Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-50-F 3,40m²

Gas to liquid Plate Heat Exchanger - Nordic Tec - 50 Plates

50-plate Gas toi Liquid Plate Heat Exchanger

Characteristics of the refrigerant exchanger channels:

  • Channel I - designed for freon/gas/refrigerant - equipped with solder connections - i.e., tube with a size of ϕ 22 - 7/8".
  • Channel II - designed for liquid (water/glycol solution).

Number of plates: 50 pieces

  • Heat transfer surface area between water and gas: 3.40 m²
  • Heat pump/heat unit/air conditioner capacity: 22-35 kW

Operating pressure on the gas side: max. 45 bar
The resistance of refrigerant exchangers to pressures up to 4.5 MPa is a primary feature that sets them apart from conventional water to water plate heat exchangers.

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Reference: EU-Ba-68-50-F
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  • With Thermal Insulation
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Gas-water heat exchanger - 35 kW evaporator

Gas toWater Plate Heat Exchanger for Heat Pumps or Air Conditioners, for Larger Units in the Range of 22-35 kW

Insulation jacket for the heat exchanger is an optional accessory of the gas to liquid heat exchanger. You can order optionally with this accessory, using the menu above the price.

Technical details:

  • Plates made of Stainless steel 316L, welded - brazed with 99,99 Cu (Copper weldings, vacuum brazzing)
  • Heating capacity for heat pump / air conditioner / refrigeration unit: 22 kW - 35 kW
  • Refrigerant/gas connections: ϕ22 - 7/8" for brazing
  • Water (Liquid) connections: 1" - DN 25
  • Operating pressure: up to 45 bar
  • Pressure test before commissioning: > 60 bar
  • Flow rate: 22 m3/h / 22 000 l/h
  • Connection: Counterflow suggested for achieving the highest heat transfer capacity

Heat exchange surface area of the Ba-68-50-F heat exchanger - 3.40 m²

Heat exchange surface area of the Ba-68-50-F heat exchanger

The Ba-68-50 freon-water heat exchanger, part of the Ba-68-F (freon) series in the Nordic Tec catalog, is a larger plate heat exchanger designed for use with gases or refrigerants. With a surface area of approximately 3.40 square meters, it is well-suited for efficient operation with heat pumps or systems utilizing refrigerants such as R410A, R32, R290, R404, and more.

The standard configuration of the 50-plate Ba-68-50-F exchanger comes without any additional accessories. However, if you wish to enhance its performance, you have the option to include heat exchanger insulation. This is a very good solution for makind additional protection for your PHE and increase the capacity.

Gas HEat Exchanger Dimensions Ba-68-40-F gas liquid

(A) - 526 mm
(B) -
119 mm
(F) -
126 mm
(C) -
470 mm
(D) -
63 mm


Heat exchanger R134a-water and R32-water - what other heat pump refrigerants will Ba-68-50-F from Nordic Tec handle?

Currently Ba-68-50-F heat exchanger is predominantly used as a condenser for R134a - meaning a heat exchanger for R134a-water. Nevertheless most refrigerants and F-gases behave similarly in a heat pump system - they differ, of course, in their environmental impact, whether they are single-component refrigerants or complex ones - some generate slightly higher pressures (like R32), some are more expansive. Nonetheless, they serve their function similarly - this means that if you are looking for a condenser for a heat pump but have a different refrigerant than R134a - there will be no problem, you can safely use our heat exchanger.

What refrigerants can be used with Nordic Tec's gas-water heat exchangers?

Gas-water heat exchangers from our catalog are certified for up to 45 bar. This means that within the heat pump operating range of up to 65°C, practically all available refrigerants can be used. Here are some examples:

  • R134a - an older refrigerant, gradually being phased out but still present in many heat pumps.
  • R410a - long considered one of the primary "freons."
  • R407c - a refrigerant very commonly found in air conditioning systems.
  • R290 - simply propane, also popular in many European countries.
  • R32 - arguably the latest trend, a refrigerant that appears to be the most efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Of course, there are more refrigerants available, especially considering the trend of converting air conditioners into heat pumps. The fact that a specific refrigerant hasn't been mentioned doesn't mean it can't be handled by Nordic Tec's gas-water heat exchangers. They won't differ significantly from the types mentioned above.

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