Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-26-F 1,77m²
Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-26-F 1,77m² insulation
Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-26-F 1,77m²
Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-26-F 1,77m² insulation

Freon Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-68-26-F 1,77m²

Refrigerant-Gas Heat Exchanger - Refrigerant Condenser - 26 Plates

Refrigerant-Gas Heat Exchanger - Suitable for Freon or Gas Media (Including High-Pressure)

Characteristics of the refrigerant exchange channels:

  • Channel 1 - designed for freon/gas/refrigerant - equipped with solder connections - i.e., tube with a size of ϕ 22 - 7/8".
  • Channel 2 - designed for liquid (water/glycol solution).

Number of stainless steel layers: 26 plates

  • Heat exchange surface: 1,77 m²
  • Heat pump/heat unit/air conditioner capacity: 13-18 kW
  • Operating pressure on the gas side: max. 45 bar The resistance of refrigerant exchangers to pressures up to 45 bar is a primary feature that sets them apart from conventional liquid-liquid exchangers.

Thermal insulation is an optional accessory for the exchanger; you can purchase it with or without insulation. The selection menu is located below, just above the price.

Reference: EU-Ba-68-26-F
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Freon heat exchanger - 13 kW - 18 kW condenser or evaporator

Plate Heat Exchanger for Refrigerants in Heat Pumps (Serving as an Evaporator or Condenser) or Refrigeration Units and Air Conditioners.
Plate Heat Exchanger for Heat Pumps or Air Conditioners, Suitable for Larger Units in the Range of 13 kW - 18 kW

Technical details:

  • Stainless steel 316L, welded brazed with Cu
  • Heating capacity for heat pump / air conditioner / refrigeration unit: 13-18 kW

R410a Freon side; Tcon = 40ºC,
Liquid side: Water; T-IN= 32ºC; T-OUT = 37 ºC

  • Refrigerant/gas connections: ϕ22 - 7/8" for brazing
  • Liquid medium connections: 1" - DN 25
  • Operating pressure: up to 45 bar
  • Pressure test before commissioning: > 60 bar
  • Flow rate: 22 m3/h
  • Connection method: counterflow

Heat exchange surface area of the Ba-68-26-F heat exchanger - 1.768 m²

Heat exchange surface area of the Ba-68-26-F heat exchanger - 1.768 m²

The Ba-68-26 refrigerant heat exchanger is one of the Nordic Tec gas or refrigerant exchangers from the Ba-68 series, positioned in the middle of the series in terms of its performance and heat exchange surface area. With a surface area of steel plates amounting to 1,768 m², it provides excellent support for heat pumps or units operating with refrigerants like R410a, R32, R290, R404, or similar media. It is well-suited for devices with a nominal capacity ranging between 13 kW and 18 kW. Within the Ba-68-F series, you will also find larger refrigerant-water exchangers with surface areas exceeding 3-4 square meters.

The Ba-68-26-F gas heat exchanger, like any exchanger in this series, can be ordered in the basic/default version (a bare unit without thermal insulation) or with thermal insulation. An insulated heat exchanger is particularly beneficial for heating applications, as the insulation enhances its efficiency and minimizes heat loss to the surroundings.

Gas HEat Exchanger Dimensions Ba-68-26-F gas liquid

(A) - 526 mm
(B) -
119 mm
(F) -
70 mm
(C) -
470 mm
(D) -
63 mm


Heat pump condenser 16 - 18 kW - 26-plate heat exchanger Ba-68-26-F

How does the heat pump condenser work with a power of 16 kW - 18 kW - or any other power? The power is, of course, selected in the context of the Ba-68-26-F heat exchanger

The heat pump condenser is a key component of any heating and cooling system based on heat pump technology. It is responsible for transforming the refrigerant gas (freon) from a gaseous to a liquid state - and this happens by releasing the accumulated heat to the surroundings - in our case, to the water flowing in the second channel of the heat exchanger. This is necessary to achieve the appropriate temperature in the circulation, that is, for the heat pump to heat the water. Our heat exchanger appears in the role of the condenser here.

How does the heat pump condenser work in the form of the plate heat exchanger Ba-68-26-F?

Essentially the heat pump condenser is always a type of heat exchanger - it operates on the principle of heat exchange between the refrigerant gas and the surroundings. When the refrigerant gas flows through the condenser, it releases the accumulated heat, causing it to change from a gaseous to a liquid state. This process is possible due to the temperature difference between the refrigerant gas and the surroundings. A secondary process involves the transfer of heat to the liquid, which is how heating occurs.

In various applications, the condenser can take different forms - for example, consisting of coils or tubes through which the refrigerant gas flows - and so on. During this process, heat is removed from the refrigerant gas, causing it to condense and change state from gas to liquid - this remains consistent. However - using plate heat exchangers in this form seems to be an optimal solution in terms of price, performance and availability on the market. The plate exchanger is probably the best ready-made solution on the market that can function as a condenser. It's important that it's not just any heat exchanger but a carefully selected high-pressure model (45 bar).

The application of the condenser in a heat pump with a power of 16 kW - 18 kW

The Ba-68-26-F heat exchanger is a condenser with a maximum power of 16 kW - 18 kW - this is the power rating of devices operating with the refrigerant to which it is intended. It is designed for relatively large systems with greater heating and cooling needs. Its role is to ensure an effective condensation process of the refrigerant gas - which enables achieving the appropriate temperature in the thermal circuit. Through proper gas condensation --> the heat pump can efficiently extract heat from the surroundings or environment and transfer it into the building for heating or cooling purposes.

Heat exchanger for air conditioning 12 kW - 18 kW - condenser for air conditioner

A condenser is a general term for heat exchangers (-regardless of construction type-) in which the condensation of refrigerant gas takes place - these are substances from the family of refrigerants - such as R404, R32, R290, R410, and all similar ones. If you want to convert an air conditioner with a heating function into an air-to-water heat pump - you will need a heat exchanger in the form of a condenser. The heat exchanger for refrigerants - Ba-68-26-F, is a ready solution, it can work with high-pressure refrigerant from the air conditioner without the risk of leakage (--> which occurs in the case of using a traditional water-to-water heat exchanger).

The heat exchanger for air conditioning should be selected with a certain margin. The maximum power of the cooling unit or air conditioner for this heat exchanger is conventionally calculated at 18 kW, however, it is advisable to choose a heat exchanger with a slight "power reserve". Usually a reserve of around 2-3 kW is mentioned - in this case, it can be considered that this model will work best with an air conditioner of 15 kW - 16 kW.


If you are looking for a heat exchanger for air conditioning or heat pump - but not in the form of a condenser or evaporator - and would like to connect the heat pump (e.g. a monoblock) to the installation - in a water-water or water-glycol system - be sure to check:

Perhaps the heat exchangers from the Ba-68-F series match your parameters - however, for your system, a device with a similar purpose but slightly more compact would be more suitable. In that case, make sure to check:

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