Wet room shower drain by Nordic TecNordic Tec, well known as a provider of HVAC and sanitary ware offer the range of wet room linear drain kits, made of high quality stainless steel and with modern designs.

The company offers only whole sets, which are equipped basically with all which is needed for an installation, with no need to buy anything separately.

Nowodays we offer this product only in B2B, which means we cooperate only with the companies.

How does a shower drain work

The systemof a shower drain is rather simple and practical. Once mounted, it allows water to flow into a channel beneath the tiles of the floor - adns this way drains water. It fits to all types and sizes of wetroom showers, because it's offer in different dimension variants, mostly from 60 till 100cm.

All of it is covered with a nice grille with a modern style according to our taste.


What does shower drain set for a wet room include?

Our shower drains include all the elements which are neccessaire for installation:

  • linear steel channel which is the main part of the drainage system
  • stainless steel cover / grill, which is the element which decides about the final look
  • stainless steel sedimentation grate and the PCV siphon element
  • steel feet for proper channel leveling
  • waterproof membrane for sealing the channel while mounting into the floor
  • manual instruction
  • additional pipe made of PCV 40/50



B2B Deliveries in the EU countries

  • Nordic Tec Livraison en EuropeWe have regular partners in 7 countries in the EU.
  • Thanks to three stocks in three different countries the deliveries within the EU are relatively quick and take cca 2-3 business days
  • Our policy assumes to have only very moderate Minimum Orders Quantities for the companies and they start from 6 or 10 pcs, depending on the country
  • Deliveries to FR, DE, BE, LU, NL, DK, FI, EE, LV, LT, CZ, SK, RO, PL, SI, CRO are FREE.



If your company is interested in cooperation with us - feel free to contact us shower drains contact

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