PLate Heat Exchanger Kit Nordic TecThe HVAC producer which offers Heat Exchangers in almost every European country. On the market from 2006, they became recognisable especially thanks to Heat Exchangers (when it comes to the HE Nordic Tec last years got one of the leaders of selling in the Eastern & Central Europe).

Nordic Tec Heat Exchangers - what does distinguish this offer?

The company succesfully distinguished their offer on the European market thanks to the three elements. First is the strategy of offering Plate Heat Exchangers as complete sets, not only with the insulation jacket (which is quite a popular accessory), but also with the special wall-mouning system, which resolves the old problem of how to hang an exchanger on the wall. Quite a unique and efficient solution when it comes to the saving our time and money.

The 2nd element is quite a transparent system of sizing the right heat exchanger for the most popular heating devices, which is prepared not only for engineers, but for plumbers and laymen. It bases on comparing the relation between a heat exchanger's plate area and a heating device nominal power (in kW). It really makes all the process faster and our lifes easier, with no making any kind of secret knowledge from it. We'll explain it better in the further part of an article.

The 3rd is the policy of offering the goods to every European country, with relatively quick and cheap delivery (in many cases free delivery). The accessibility and quick service - and of course very reliable quality let our brand to develop every year.


Quick deliveries in whole Europe - EU and out of the EU

  • Nordic Tec Livraison en EuropeDelivery to every country in Europe both within the EU and out
  • Thanks to 3 stocks located in 3 different countries the deliveries within the EU are relatively quick and cheap. The delivery to the EU countries takes mostly no longer than 2-4 days and require no additional fees, charges or taxation
  • The delivery on the bigger part of the European Union's territory is totally free (in 14 coutnries)
  • to other countries - the shipping costs are reasonable

Free delivery on the territory of:
Germany, Austria, France (metropoly), the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia


Nordic Tec Heat Exchanger's Kits & Units - some hints about the selection

The company offers  over 150 different models of Heat Exchangers, which differ with dimensions and parameters like pressure, connection size, flowrate and heat transfer area. Those are the devices which can be used with no problem with most of the heating devices acessible in Europe.

The brand is distinguished by the fact that it offers a very simplified selection system based on the converters of the heat exchanger plate surface in relation to the CH boiler, fireplace or heat pump. Created for people without experience, which don't work in HVAC branch or aren't HVAC engineers.
Below you can find the most common applications, just choose the one you are interested in:


Very fast, simple contact, full technical assistance about Nordic Tec heat exchangersWymienniki płytowe Ba-12 kontakt

We are fully conscious of the fact the heat exchangers's selection is not always so simple and easy and there are different situations for which our converters don't fit. Feel free to contact us every time you got a technical question or you prefer our team to size a heat exchanger for your application. It's our pleasure to work with you.


Wholesale cooperation with Nordic Tec Heat Exchanger producer Wymienniki płytowe Ba-12 kontakt

Do you think some of our goods you could succesfully resell in your country? If you are a representative of a HVAC branch and you need the wholesale quantities - write to us. We'll do our best to find a good solution for your business to grow together!


More products from Nordic Tec's catalogue

This site focuses on our most recognizable product which is a PHE, but in our offers there are as well different articles, in most cases made of stainless steel or similar materials. You're welcome to browse our full catalogue and contact us in case of any need.

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