FloorHeating Heat Distributor for 2 circles Nordic Tec Flow meters

Underfloor Heating Manifold UFH Manifold NORDIC TEC 2 circuits

Central Heating Manifold Nordic Tec - 2 circuits

Material - MS Brass

Work pressure/Test pressure <6/10 bar

Circle connection for Pex - BSP 3/4"

Optionally with fittings Eurokonus 3/4x16mm

Ball valves dimenions - BSP 1"

Including all the elements as on the photoes.

The Underfloor Heating Manifold or in simply - UFH Manifold from Nordic Tec is a reliable solution for small UFH heating systems with 2 circuits. Designed with durability in mind, this central heating manifold ensures optimal distribution of heat to your underfloor heating system. It is equipped with all the necessary components -  flow meters,   isolation valves (straight ball valves), and temperature gauges for each beam - as you can see on the main photo. The Nordic Tec UFH Manifold is easy to install and allows for individual control and adjustment of heat flow for each heating circuit. If any questions feel free to ask.

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Reference: RD-CO-2
Condition New
PEX Adapter
  • Without adapter
  • With Euroconus 3/4x16mm
  • With Euroconus 3/4x17mm
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VAT included


Heating Manifold 2 circuits by Nordic Tec

UFH Manifold including all the elements which are on the photo
Underfloor heating manifold with 2 sections Nordic Tec

D = 275mm

! Illustrative photo - the heating distributor from this auction has the number of circuits given in the title of the offer!

Technical details of the floor-heaing collector:

- Chrome-plated brass Ms
- Working pressure up to 6 bar (tested with 10 bar pressure)
- Connections for PEX: 3/4
- Supply connection - 1 "
- Maximum working temperature: up to + 90 ° C

What is the difference between a manifold for underfloor heating and a manifold for traditional heating on radiators?

Why is the above manifold dedicated to underfloor heating and can it work with radiators?

There are practically no differences in the design of the basic manifold components. Most of the manifolds on the market, like ours, have a pressure resistance of up to 6/10 bar. In an installation, be it a radiator or underfloor heating, there is rarely a pressure higher than 2-3 bar, therefore virtually any manifold can be used for both heating categories.

The issue of flow meters and equipment. Our manifold is equipped with rotameters (flowmeters), which are extremely helpful in regulating the flows in individual sections / rooms - and this is very important in the case of underfloor heating. This is also helpful in the case of radiator heating, but here you can safely do without meticulous flow control. This is the only factor that makes us advertise our manifold as an underfloor heating manifold.

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