Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-60 1 1/4" 660kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-60 1 1/4" 660kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-60 1 1/4" 660kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-60 1 1/4" 660kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-60 1 1/4" 660kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Tec Ba-60-60 5/4"

Plate Q'ty: 60 pcs.
Connections: 1 1/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 3.600m²

60-plate heat exchanger for heat pumps or boilers. It can work with both water and glycol. It has a large plate surface and a substantial connection diameter of 1 1/4". It is most commonly chosen as a heat exchanger for separating monoblock heat pumps (glycol-filled systems) from the rest of the central heating or domestic hot water system.

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Reference: NT Ba-60-60
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Accessories for PHE
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  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
  • With Thermal Insulation
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Heat exchanger for water or glycol Nordic Tec Ba-60-60 - 5/4" connections, 60 plates

A larger heat exchanger for water-water (or water-glycol) mediums suitable for various heat sources and heating devices, working in conjunction with heat pumps, heating boilers, traditional central heating systems (heating and domestic hot water), as well as radiators.

Technical details:

  • Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu
  • Heat Exchanger's Connections: 4x 5/4", BSP
  • Working Pressure - <30 bar (Liquid-Liquid PHE)
  • Test Pressure - 45-60 bar
  • Max. temperature +230°C
  • Nominal Flowrate - 22 m³/h

 Heat Exchange Surface - Plate Heat Exchanger Ba-60-60 - 3.600 m²
The heat exchange area of the Nordic Tec Ba-60-60 exchanger is 1 1/4"

As seen in the above graph, the heat exchanger with 60 plates has a total area of 3.60m². Each individual plate has an area of 0.060m². If you need a larger heat exchanger, you can find it on the above graph, and of course, you can also find it in our store.

What is the Ba-60-60 Nordic Tec plate heat exchanger used for?

  • Plate heat exchanger with 60 plates is used in central heating installations that require a PHE, i.e., to separate a closed circuit from an open one, using various sources of heat."
  • Connecting a plate heat exchanger to service a heat pump (monoblock or split) is necessary when there is a need to fill the heat pump circuit with water mixed with glycol. The recommended heat exchanger can generally handle heat pumps with a capacity of 11 to 24 kW, depending on whether it is a high-temperature or low-temperature system based on underfloor heating
  • Servicing large condensing boilers in multi-family buildings, including cascaded combinations of gas boilers with a total power output of up to 120-150 kW
  • Handling similar size boilers for eco-pea coal, coal, wood, pellets or biomass.
  • Connecting buildings to the district heating network (DHN) in the case of multi-family housing through a plate heat exchanger
  • Cooling - plate heat exchanger as an oil cooler in industrial applications
  • Working with glycol systems in combination with solar panels of larger sizes
  • Separating UFH - underfloor heating manifolds from open heating systems.

Ba-60-60 plate heat exchanger dimensions
(A) - 526 mm
(B) -
124 mm
(F) -
151 mm
(C) -
478 mm
(D) -
73 mm


In DOWNLOAD section you get the data sheet of the unit.

A full set of Ba-60-60 60-plate heat exchanger typically includes:

  • This device can be purchased with accessories. To do so, you need to expand the "Heat Exchanger Accessories" menu and select the appropriate option. By default, the purchase option only includes the heat exchanger without any additional accessories
  • Thermal insulation IZ-Ba-60-60 made of polypropylene foam to reduce heat losses on the heat exchanger
  • PHE Mounting kit including a complete set of angled bolts, selected according to the size of the connections on the heat exchanger - that is 5/4 inch. This accessory is particularly recommended for the Ba-60-60 heat exchanger, as it weighs about 17.5 kg, which should be added to the weight of the media flowing through the heat exchanger. The bracket solves the problem of stable wall mounting.

Heat Pump Monoblock 24 kW - Plate Heat Exchanger for its connection

In the case where our 24 kW heat pump is intended to operate in a glycol circuit, it is advisable to separate it from the heating system with a plate heat exchanger to avoid the need to fill the system with glycol (-->which would negatively affect the entire system's performance, unnecessarily increasing its inertia). For this purpose  the Ba-60-60 plate heat exchanger with 60 plates and 3.6m² of heat exchange area is suitable . This heat exchanger is perfectly matched to a 24 kW heat pump, particularly in systems where the supply temperature is expected to be around 50°C.

However, if the 24 kW heat pump is expected to operate at temperatures higher than those described above, but with water only, without glycol, a slightly smaller plate heat exchanger, such as the Heat Exchanger Ba-60-50 with 50 plates, may be suitable.

However - when planning a low-temperature system, such as one based solely on heat absorption through underfloor heating (which requires extremely low supply temperatures), the 24 kW heat pump will require a significantly larger heat exchanger . With a larger plate surface area, the system can remain operational at low parameters, making it highly economical to operate and ensuring very low electricity consumption. Increasing the temperature of the heat pump to justify the purchase of a smaller (cheaper) plate heat exchanger will not be a good alternative. For heat pumps, operating at relatively low temperatures means significantly lower consumption and a reduced risk of failure, which is very important in today's times, along with low energy consumption.

Maybe you are looking for a similar PHE but not for liquid-liquid operation mode - but for refrigerant. Then check:

Air Heater and Plate Heat Exchanger Ba-60-60

Water or glycol heaters are becoming increasingly popular for heating warehouse halls and large production or service areas. One of the popular brands is Volcano air-heaters.

Due to the common practice of filling the heater circuit with glycol in industrial facilities, there is a need to separate such heaters with a heat exchanger. In such situations, assuming that the heat source, usually a boiler operating at 50-60°C, the plate heat exchanger for the heater can be selected by adjusting the heat exchange surface area of the exchanger to the heater's power. For every 10 kW of heating power (or for multiple heaters if there are several devices), approximately 0.3m² of plate surface area should be selected. Slightly less surface area can be chosen if the heater operates on water (without glycol), and the heat exchanger is used only to create independent pump circuits and balance pressures and temperatures in the installation (or to separate open and closed circuits).

In summary, the Ba-60-60 plate heat exchanger is excellent for heaters with a total power of up to 120 kW if they operate on glycol, and up to 140 kW if they operate on water.

There is often a concern about what to do if the heaters are significantly oversized compared to the facility in which they are installed. This situation is indeed common. In such cases, it is advisable to objectively consider the possibility of reducing the plate heat exchanger and using a smaller model than indicated by the above calculation. This will be particularly justified if there are heaters in the facility that significantly exceed their nominal power compared to the boiler supplying them.

It's worth remembering that if there are any doubts about selecting the plate heat exchanger for the heater, our staff is always available to provide assistance.

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