Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-50 1 1/4" 550kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-60-50 1 1/4" 550kW

Plate heat exchanger NORDIC TEC Ba-60-50 for monoblock heat pumps and other heat sources

Plate Q'ty: 50 pcs.
Connections: 1 1/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area of this unit: 3.000m²

This type of PHE is possible to buy with insulation box and mouning set.

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Traditional soldered plate heat exchanger with 50 plates - characterized by a compact and ergonomic design, facilitating its installation and operation - an optional accessory includes a mounting kit for the heat exchanger with wall mounting. Additionally it is made of high-quality materials resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

The NORDIC TEC Ba-60-50 heat exchanger is most commonly used in systems powered by monoblock heat pumps - serving as a heat pump exchanger separating the glycol system from the water system. However, it is a versatile heat exchanger that can also work with boilers and in practice works exceptionally well with large central heating boilers.

Reference: NT Ba-60-50
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  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
  • With Thermal Insulation
  • Full Set (with Insulation&Wall-mounting with Fittings)
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Plate heat exchanger for connecting heat pumps or traditional heating boilers

Nordic Tec Ba-60-50 plate heat exchanger
Connections: 5/4", 50 plates

Technical details:

  • Description of the heat exchanger plates:
    - Stainless steel 316L, copper brazing 99.9% Cu
    - Plate thickness: 0.3-0.4 mm
    - Distance between plates: 2.0 - 2.2 mm
    -Plate size: 526x124 mm

  • Connections: 4x 5/4", BSP

  • Working Pressure - <30 bar (Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger)

  • Test Pressure - 45-60 bar

  • Max. temperature +230°C

  • Flowrate - 22 m³/h

Heat Transfer Area of the heat exchanger (total plate area) - 3.000 m²

Heat exchange surface exchanger for a heat pump 20 kW Ba-60-50

The heat exchanger Ba-60-50 is depicted in the above graph, with its surface marked in a darker shade. As seen it has a surface area of 3 square meters, which determines its fairly high capabilities - hence it is predisposed to handle rather demanding heat sources. Most commonly - monoblock pumps up to 20 kW are used - their glycol systems are separated from the central heating system precisely by plate heat exchangers, but also for example: large central heating boilers with a nominal power of up to 20 kW. The Ba-60-50 heat exchanger itself has a nominal power calculated for industrial supplies - at the level of 550 kW.

The most common application of Ba-60-50 heat exchangers:

- Heat exchanger for heat pump | monoblock or split type for systems ranging from 10 to 22 kW (depending on the temperature range of the heat pump), in cases where there is a need to separate the glycol-filled part from the rest of the heating system that operates on water.

Heat exchanger for servicing heating equipment such as boilers or cascading heating units with a capacity of up to 100-120 kW in large industrial, service or hotel facilities. The PHE works with any type of boilers including gas, solid fuel, coal, eco-pea, pellet or electric devices, regardless of whether the central heating system is based on underfloor heating or radiators

- Heat exchanger for industrial refrigeration, e.g. in the food industry, as a cooler

PHE Dimensions:
Ba-60 plate heat exchanger dimensions
(A) - 526 mm
(B) -
124 mm
(F) -
127 mm
(C) -
478 mm
(D) -
73 mm


The 50-plate heat exchanger can be purchased with optional accessories

Like most of our models, this model can be purchased with additional heat exchanger accessories:

  • Insulation - IZ-Ba-60-50 thermal insulation made of polypropylene foam.
  • Wall mounting bracket for mounting the heat exchanger on the wall, suitable for models with 5/4 inch connections, designed to support the weight of the heat exchanger along with the flowing media
  • with ball valves for shutting-off - in the same size as the heat exchanger thread - i.e., 1 1/4".

The device can be purchased as a set (the accessory selection menu is located just above the heat exchanger price) or separately if needed.

The plate heat exchanger for heat pumps - Ba-60-50

A plate heat exchanger for heat pumps refers to a device that separates the heat pump circuit (often filled with glycol) from the heating installation. From a certain perspective, we are talking about separating the heat pump using a heat exchanger because with this type of solution, there are essentially two circuits - the glycol (-->or water) circuit of the heat pump is separated from the heating installation (or domestic hot water).

On the other hand - a plate heat exchanger for heat pumps does not necessarily separate but rather connects both systems. It facilitates the exchange of temperatures between the mediums - the warm medium from the heat pump side transfers its heat energy to the carrier from the heating or domestic hot water system, which is then transported to underfloor heating, radiators, or hot water tanks. And - this is an essential component of such a system.

When using the term plate heat exchanger for heat pumps, we mean a device whose function we described above. It does not refer to the refrigerant/water or refrigerant/glycol heat exchanger, which is an integral part of the heat pump provided by its manufacturer. Although it bears the same name, its function in the process is somewhat different, although it also relies on heat exchange.
If you need a model which could be used for refrigerant, with higher pressure - but having similar heat transfer area - please check:

The 50-plate heat exchanger Ba-60-50 is a solution that allows for connection to the heating system of heat pumps with a fairly high nominal power. If these are high-temperature systems, based on radiators, where the supply temperature generated by the heat pump reaches around 50°C, they can be pumps with a power of even 16-20 kW, and in the case of extremely low-temperature supplies (30-35 °C), they will be heat pumps with a power of about 10 kW.

Heat pump with glycol-water - and plate heat exchanger | Ba-60-50

A heat pump with glycol-water typically refers to a monoblock heat pump, the manufacturer of which, for safety reasons, requires the use of glycol, or more precisely, a glycol-water solution. Usually, the manufacturer imposes this requirement rigorously, meaning that if we do not fill the heat pump circuit with a glycol and water solution, we may void the warranty. The glycol-water solution, as an antifreeze fluid, is designed to protect against freezing, especially in case of a power outage that would prevent the defrosting process.

In such a situation, we see a dilemma of connecting the heat pump to the heating system. A direct connection would require filling the entire installation with a glycol-water solution, which would mean its presence in underfloor heating or radiators. This is not recommended, not only due to the higher cost of the medium but primarily due to the poorer heat release properties of glycol. In such cases, a plate heat exchanger for the heat pump is used to divide the system into two, with the heating circuit traditionally filled with water. This could be a Ba-60-50 plate heat exchanger or one of the smaller models, selected based on the nominal power of the heat pump and the planned supply temperature.

Plate heat exchanger for a 100 kW heating boiler

The Nordic Tec Ba-60-50 model with 50 plates has a nominal power of up to 550 kW at high supply temperatures. However, it is a plate heat exchanger rated for 100 kW - 120 kW with parameters corresponding to the supply temperatures of traditional boilers. This plate heat exchanger is therefore ideal for separating closed circuits of 100 kW gas boilers while maintaining condensation at temperatures below 50 °C.

Considering that many boilers operate in their systems at higher temperatures, such as between 50 and 60°C, the Ba-60-50 heat exchanger is also suitable for boilers up to 120 kW. This applies to boilers fueled by wood, pellets, eco-pea coal - or coal.

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