heat supply networks heat exchanger Ba-23-40
40 kw gas boiler
heat supply networks heat exchanger Ba-23-40
40 kw gas boiler

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Tec Ba-23-40 3/4" 165kW

Plate type heat exchanger for heating technology, cooling and solar technology NORDIC TEC Ba-23-40

40 plates unit
Connections: 3/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.920m²

The Ba-23-40 plate type heat exchanger - manufactured by Nordic Tec - is a high-quality and efficient solution for heat transfer applications (both heating & cooling systems). BPHE (brazed plate heat exchanger) with 40 plates - designed with advanced technology and high precision engineering, this plate type exchanger is suitable for transferring heat - between two different fluids - while maintaining excellent thermal performance.
This unit is an excellent heat exchanger for solar heating water systems - based on glycol solar collectors.

Reference: NT Ba-23-40
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Plate Type Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-23-40 - 4x 3/4", 40 plates

thermal power stations heat exchanger 40 plates

Technical information:



Recommended Pressure:

General Test Pressure:

Temperature Span:

Flow (nominal)

PHE Volume (per single channel)

Space between the plates

Stainless Steel S316L

With 99.9% Copper

Till 20 bar

20 - 40 bar

-195°C / +230 °C

4 m³/h

1.60 l

2.0 - 2.2 mm

The Ba-23-40 model is a classic liquid-liquid heat exchanger and should not be subjected to work with gas media, especially high-pressure or fluctuating pressure refrigerants such as R32, R134A, R290, and all similar ones.

Heat Exchange Surface - Plate Heat Exchanger Ba-23-40 - 0.920 m²

water glycol heat exchangers Ba-23-40

The most common uses of the plate heat exchanger Ba-23-40 are:

  • A plate heat exchanger for fireplaces with a power of up to 30 kW - 32 kW.
  • A central heating heat exchanger for boilers with a power of up to 30 kW - 35 kW.
  • A heat exchanger for DHW (domestic hot water) systems, in installations with a hot water tank or without a buffer.
  • A heat exchanger for solar collectors (working with glycol) - in a system heating the DHW tank.
  • A heat exchanger for beer / for chilling beer wort (home brewing).
  • Industrial applications / refrigeration.

Plate size and device size:

Food Industry heat exchangers Ba-23 (A) - 315 mm
(B) -
73 mm
(F) -
97 mm
(C) -
278 mm
(D) -
40 mm

In DOWNLOAD section you get the data sheet of the unit.

Possible applications of a Plate Type Heat Exchanger Ba-23-40

Having 40 plates with 0.023m² per each plate - the Plate Type Heat Exchanger - Ba-23-40 has quite a big exchange area, which is almost 1m². It would be enough to heat up the builing of 300-350m², however it is limited by the flowrate as this serie has the connections of DN20 (3/4" threads). This is a very good solution for the low temperature heating device, for example if the biggest part of our house is equipped with an underfloor heating.

Thanks to the shape (relatively long and narrow steel plate), it is a very good choice for cooling applications of different types. It is used so as a component of a passive cooling system (using heat pump installation, filled with glicol) - where the big surface of a plate type heat exchanger can quickly neutralize the presence of glicol. Another cooling application is oil cooling in industrail machines.

Another quite unexpected application for the model Ba-23-40 - it's homebrewing (as a wort/beer cooler). The enthusiasts of home beer production use this unit to cool down the wort after having it boiled to >100oC. Plate type heat exchanger Ba-23-40 can be an excellent solution for the sessions which are between 40 and 70 l of beer worth per one session. For the smaller sessions, like up to 30-35 l - you can freely use the 30-plate unit (plate type heat exchanger Ba-23-30).

Plate Heat Exchanger for the heating devices 30-40 kW - Ba-23-40

The plate heat exchanger with a power of 40 kW ( with 3/4" connections, manufactured by Nordic Tec. It is important to remember that the nominal power is just an approximate indicator and should not be the only factor in selecting a plate heat exchanger. The main factor for selection should be the plate surface area (which, for the above model, is 0.92 m²). It should also be noted that typically, the nominal power of the heat exchanger should not be interpreted as the power of the central heating boiler, fireplace, etc., with which the device is intended to operate.

The Ba-23-40 plate heat exchanger is recommended for central heating boilers with a power typically up to 30-35 kW and for water jacketed fireplaces with a power of 30 kW - 32 kW.

Plate Heat Exchanger in Central Heating System - Ba-23-40 by Nordic Tec

The role of a plate heat exchanger in a central heating system is closely dependent on the heat source we have in our system as the main heating device, but also (in some central heating installations) on additional heat sources. It should be mentioned that a plate heat exchanger can connect, for example, two heating devices - one of which may operate in an open system and the other in a closed system. This is a fairly typical situation when a plate heat exchanger in a central heating system connects a water jacketed fireplace (open system) with, for example, a gas boiler or heat pump (closed system).

Typically, it involves connecting these two systems with a cutoff preventing them from mixing. However, there are situations in which a plate heat exchanger in a central heating system performs a function that does not involve combining two heat sources - because there is only one heat source. Nevertheless, it turns out to be worthwhile to separate them with a heat exchanger for protection. Such a situation often occurs when connecting a condensing boiler or electric boiler to an old building with a worn-out open central heating system - which naturally must operate in a closed system. In such cases, there may not be resources available for a complete conversion to a closed system (especially if it involves a thorough renovation of the installation or creating it anew throughout the building). The use of a plate heat exchanger can solve this problem.

The proper selection of the plate heat exchanger is essential for its correct operation in the central heating system. This 40-plate model, i.e., Ba-23-40, is suitable for heating devices with a nominal power above 30 kW.

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