Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-23-12 55kW
Heat Exchanger NORDIC Tec Ba-23-12 10 kW
Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-23-12 55kW
Heat Exchanger NORDIC Tec Ba-23-12 10 kW

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-23-12 3/4" 55kW

12-Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC TEC Ba-23-12 Slim

Plate Q'ty: 12 pcs.
Connections: 3/4" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.276m²

Reference: NT Ba-23-12
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Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-23-12 - 4x 3/4", 12 plates

Slim PHE mostly for cooling systems Ba-23-12

Technical details:

- Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu
- Connections: 4x 3/4", BSP
- Working Pressure - <20 bar
- Test Pressure - 40 bar
- Max. temperature +230°C
- Flowrate - 4 m³/h

Heat Exchange Surface - 0.276 m²
Heat Exchange - the parameters Ba-23-12 Nordic Tec

The most common applications of PHE Nordic Tec Ba-23-12:

- fireplace installation with a water jacket up to about 10kW
- central heating installations in small facilities up to 120 m²
- cooperation with heating boilers or burners with a water jacket up to 12kW
- connecting new heating loops with glycol in facilities with a high risk of freezing, e.g. separate outbuildings, workshops or garages up to about 100 m²
- glycol installations of parking lots, driveways, roofs, balconies, terraces
- DHW installations with a tank (additional heat source)
- solar panels
- home brewing, cooling of beer wort,
- industrial refrigeration, e.g. oil cooling


(A) -
315 mm
(B) -
73 mm
(F) -
35 mm
(C) -
278 mm
(D) -
40 mm

HE Nordic Tec Size Ba-23 Serie

12-plate heat exchanger NORDIC Tec Ba-23-12

The above heat exchanger was introduced to distribution at the latest from the entire Ba-23 series, i.e. in 2017. The reason for the introduction was the demand from companies in the refrigeration industry, due to its very favorable dimensions (the device has only 35mm depth). Despite this, it is not a typical heat exchanger for refrigeration - it works great in heating small heating systems, such as single-family houses up to 100-120 square meters, supplying water jackets or boilers in the range of 10-12 kW. As the heat exchanger is not designed for large heating systems, it has 3/4" connections, which, however, provide sufficient throughput in the case of using popular circulating pumps - 40s or 60s. It can also work with glycol or other non-freezing fluids, which also makes it suitable for connecting separate buildings that are not heated permanently and the risk of freezing is relatively high.

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