flat plate heat exchanger Ba-16-60
advantages of plate heat exchanger Nordic tec
flat plate heat exchanger Ba-16-60
advantages of plate heat exchanger Nordic tec

Plate Heat Exchanger NORDIC Ba-16-60 1" 200kW

Heat Exchanger for HVAC Installations NORDIC TEC Ba-16-60

Plate Q'ty: 60 pcs.
Connections: 1" BSP
Heat Exchange Area: 0.960m²

Reference: NT Ba-16-60
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Accessories for PHE
  • Exchanger only (without accesories)
  • with Wall-Mounting+Fittings
  • With Thermal Insulation
  • Full Set (with Insulation&Wall-mounting with Fittings)
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Heat Exchanger Nordic Tec Ba-16-60  - 4x 1", 60 plates

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger with 1" and 60 plates

Technical details:

  • Stainless Steel S316L, brazed with 99,9% Cu

  • Connections: 4x 1", BSP

  • Working Pressure - <20 bar

  • Test Pressure - 40 bar

  • Max. temperature +230°C

  • Flowrate - 8 m³/h

  • Heat Exchange Surface - 0.960 m²

    Surface of the PHE Ba-16-60

Dimensions - Nordic Tec 60-plate HE Heat Exchangers
(A) -
220 mm
(B) -
90 mm
(F) -
144 mm
(C) -
180 mm
(D) -
52 mm

More information about 60-plate Heat Exchanger Ba-16-60:

The Ba-16-60 plate heat exchanger by Nordic Tec is an efficient and reliable solution for transferring heat between two fluids. With 60 plates and a compact design, it offers a large heat transfer area (0.96 m²) while requiring minimal space in our boiler-room. This model is suitable for a variety of applications, like hydronic heating, DHW - domestic hot water, and industrial cooling/heating processes. The Ba-16-60 is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. Almost no maintenance is required. This plate heat exchanger is an ideal choice for those people who look for a cost-effective solution.

With the plate area as mentionned, almost 1 square meter - this unit can easily operate a central heating system in a detached house of 250-400m² (depending on a building condition). It can as well easily cooperate with boilers in a row of 30-35 kW. It's enough for long years of work, even if we include the natural process of PHE aging.

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